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  1. 10 hour slow draft, draft split into two halfs - one MLB and one Minors eligible with reverse order
  2. League Size: 16 Teams Lineups: Daily Host Site: Fantrax Monetary Holdings: Fantrax Treasury League Investment: $45 (includes Fantrax fee) Winnings: $640 payouts League Format: Dynasty - H2H 6x6 Each Category is w/l/t League Scoring HR- Home Runs R- Runs RBI- Runs Batted In SB - Stolen Bases BA- Batting Average OPS - On Base + Slg % Hld - Holds Sv - Saves WHIP - Walks Hits IP Ratio TQS- Quality Starts K- Strikeouts ERA- Earned Runs Average for Franchis
  3. New league looking for a few to hopefully get started this weekend. 16 team dynasty H2H (6x6) categories $45.33 with payouts from 1-8 PM me for an invite
  4. I sent a PM, no need to advertise all my sweet under the radar picks like Eloy and Acuna.
  5. I'm interested. Whatever team is available. jamesrbrower@yahoo.com
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