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  1. I am assuming only trading 2 of those 3 at the most because most people won't do a 3 for 1. So if you go with two I would say high end RB2 would be your ceiling. Mid level RB2 is what you should expect.
  2. Who would fill your RB spots on their bye's? Murray? I think I'd hold. THat's a pretty strong team for a 16 team league.
  3. Yeah I don't like the trades. I think Mack level would be a good target and if you can get Mattison that would be a good trade. Thanks for mine.
  4. I give Hunter Henry and Tyrell Williams I get Tyler Lockett I have Kittle and my other WR are Sutton, JuJu, Fitz. Basically Lockett would be my flex (replacing Hunter Henry or Melvin Gordon who I would usually play in that spot)
  5. In my PPR league Bell and Mack are pretty even. I think it's a fair trade.
  6. I don't think that gets Hopkins or Jones. I can't see your lineup but a better RB or WR would be a start.
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