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  1. I am assuming only trading 2 of those 3 at the most because most people won't do a 3 for 1. So if you go with two I would say high end RB2 would be your ceiling. Mid level RB2 is what you should expect.
  2. Who would fill your RB spots on their bye's? Murray? I think I'd hold. THat's a pretty strong team for a 16 team league.
  3. Yeah I don't like the trades. I think Mack level would be a good target and if you can get Mattison that would be a good trade. Thanks for mine.
  4. I give Hunter Henry and Tyrell Williams I get Tyler Lockett I have Kittle and my other WR are Sutton, JuJu, Fitz. Basically Lockett would be my flex (replacing Hunter Henry or Melvin Gordon who I would usually play in that spot)
  5. In my PPR league Bell and Mack are pretty even. I think it's a fair trade.
  6. I don't think that gets Hopkins or Jones. I can't see your lineup but a better RB or WR would be a start.
  7. I think it has to be Mixon or McLaurin. I'd lean Terry. Thanks for mine.
  8. Who would you rather have? Would you do Gordon and Hunter Henry for Ingram and McLaurin. I have Kittle already.
  9. First one. Have these been offered to you? Thanks for mine.
  10. Ty Johnson with #1 waiver then Wentz. Thanks for mine.
  11. I send Gurley and Hunter Henry I get Fournette I already have Kittle and my other RBs are Connor and Gordon.
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