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  1. draft Sat Mar 20 at 12 PM PDT, $50 league entry, done through Fantrax Treasurer. 14 teams in the league, we need 1 replacement (see below).We keep 3 players for a max of 3 years (to encourage trading and long-term strategy). You can also keep up to 3 minor leaguers, at a cost of later-round draft picks (18th-20th).THE TEAM (number in parentheses is the year control expires on the current keeper -- so 22 means he will go into the 2023 draft pool if you still own him). Arenado (2022) / Bogaerts (2023) / Alonso (2023). Other possible keepers: Kershaw, Urias. Minor Leaguers on roster: S Sanchez, P
  2. One Team left! Team 11: Freeman (21)/Goldschmidt (21)/Nola (21)/Seager // K Wright (drafts 14th)
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