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  1. His 5-cat skill set and his left handed bat and his multi position eligibility make him a really nice bench/utility piece.
  2. Altuve was on a really nice pace with the peripherals to boot. I really hope this thing doesn't throw him off his game whenever it is he gets back.
  3. 4/7 with 6 runs in the first 2 games...🤓 these lines remind me of prime Altuve.
  4. Any local fans hear/see anything regarding Senzel's injury?


  6. Most players (on aggregate) get better with age (see studies done on the MLB age curve). This doesn't mean Guerrero will magically get better, but based on the odds he's likely to be a better baseball player at age 22 than at age 19 and at age 19 he was already murdering the upper levels of the minors. What people don't understand is that based on Vlad Jr's unique statistical age related profile (the stats he's accumulated throughout the last 4 years of his pro career) the projection systems already see him as a player who will produce anywhere from 20-40% above major league average with
  7. He went in the early 4th in a highly competitive standard 5x5 12 team roto league im in. Here's the players drafted after him in that same round: Corbin Burnes, SP Anthony Rendon, 3B Kenta Maeda, SP Starling Marte, OF Jose Abreu, 1B Rafael Devers, 3B Whit Merrifield, 2B Blake Snell, SP Kyle Tucker, OF
  8. Fair critique in your edit. No matter how good the age-related-performance is -- nor how good the peripherals are -- you can't say a guy can "roll out of bed and do it" until he actually does it. On another note entirely: anybody think Vlad Jr. has some sneaky SB upside? Vlad Sr. was a freak athlete and was able to swipe double digit bases throughout his career despite having a large/heavy/stocky body type.
  9. Several projection systems already see Vlad Guerrero Jr. as a .295/25/90 talent RIGHT NOW (at age 22) and these projection systems use a lot of regression which makes them conservative by nature. I think Vlad Jr. can roll out of bed right now and produce a .290 average with mid 20 HR power: that may not sound exciting, but it's this solid floor combined with the upside/youth that has people justifying paying his increasing cost.
  10. Benintendi is probably not even a full time player anymore because of the big holes being exposed in his game. But he's also a guy that you make sure to add to your watchlist and follow closely during the season. Players that offer SB and a bat good enough not to kill you in the power categories is easy to take for granted/overlook. Benintendi can be a sneaky source of 5 cat production this season if things click right.
  11. Out after the 2nd inning .. anybody know whats going on ?
  12. wondering if he might get another start or two if/when he returns ... any speculation on RoS outlook?
  13. Cronenworth is one of the best players in baseball over the last 30 days. He also has prospect pedigree. He's about as much a lock in the everyday lineup as Tatis Jr. is at this point.
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