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  1. Benintendi is probably not even a full time player anymore because of the big holes being exposed in his game. But he's also a guy that you make sure to add to your watchlist and follow closely during the season. Players that offer SB and a bat good enough not to kill you in the power categories is easy to take for granted/overlook. Benintendi can be a sneaky source of 5 cat production this season if things click right.
  2. Out after the 2nd inning .. anybody know whats going on ?
  3. wondering if he might get another start or two if/when he returns ... any speculation on RoS outlook?
  4. Cronenworth is one of the best players in baseball over the last 30 days. He also has prospect pedigree. He's about as much a lock in the everyday lineup as Tatis Jr. is at this point.
  5. Anybody got a realistic projection on how many bases he might be able to steal RoS?
  6. Can't believe Cameron Maybin is already 33 years old. It seemed like just yesterday he was the #1 prospect in baseball ready to be the next 5 cat roto monster. Time flies.
  7. The season is more than half over and we've gotten 1 full stretched out start form this top 20 (mid 2nd round) pick. Yikes.
  8. Where do you get this information with pitching matchups for the rest of the month?
  9. Sent down but Rotoworld is speculating he could be brought back up vs the Orioles on Friday. What kind of upside does this guy have this season .. ? Rotoworld is calling him a "must add" if he is indeed apart of the rotation going forward and pitching seems really scarce this year.
  10. He's been facing the best pitching staffs and defenses during that time. I'm sure much of Colorado is struggling for offense over the last 7 days. I think the Rockies moved Hampson up to lead off spot vs the Diamondbacks and Dodgers because of how poor their catchers are at preventing stolen bases so they wanted to take advantage of Hampson's speed. Now that the Rockies are back to playing against decent catchers who can stop the run game, Hampson's back to his normal spot in the lineup. This is just a theory but it passes the sniff test.
  11. Hampson is a below average defender and a below average hitter whose stats are heavily boosted by his ballpark. Despite his last 161 PAs (which is nothing in terms of sample size) his projections still have him as a 20% below league average hitter. He also struggles vs RHP (and he sat vs one of the best RHP in baseball yesterday -- Buehler). we should feel lucky that he's getting any amount of regular ABs as a lead off hitter. You ride this horse until it collapses and then find another one.
  12. Right now Will Smith's value is tied to his good K rate, good ERA and WHIP -- albeit in only a few innings a week -- with the potential to earn some future saves. If you don't have the roster space to keep someone like that on your team then he's definitely dropable.
  13. You going to drop one of the best pitchers in baseball this season who is still the listed starter vs the Giants next week?
  14. He's only pitched 14 innings or so, and they have a ton of quality arms. It isn't out of the realm of possibility that they move him back down. On another note, the quality of Rotoworld's analysis has been on the decline in recent years. You can tell a lot of their best talent has left.
  15. He's 2 for his last 19. A lot of that was against a good dodgers pitching staff and defense though...probably just tough pitching combined with a bit of a slump.
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