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  1. I'm assuming they're not throwing him any strikes in AAA... 15BB : 9K. And his lineup is worse than in AA, no reason to pitch to him.
  2. Stealing this comment from a Jays blog. Would never have predicted this back in May:
  3. Only slashing .387/.431/.698 in 28 games in AAA ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. There's a real chance he gets sent down soon so the Jays can see what they have in their AAA outfielders.
  5. Good time for him to establish himself without Vladdy in the lineup, in case some people think his value has been raised by Vlad. Went 3/5 last night with a HR, 2 2B and 5 RBI. "leads the Eastern League with 30 doubles, ranks second with 109 hits" 72 R, 10 HR, 6 3B, 57 RBI, 27 SB in 97 games
  6. I think it had more to do with the Robles injury, and the Eaton injury. Figured Robles was the next guy up.
  7. the treatment of Vladdy is pretty much determining my view of this front office... trades and other moves be damned. we pretty much know what's going on here and we can gauge their truthfulness/aptitude/priorities by how this thing continues to play out and how they speak about it.
  8. Numbers in AA are looking good right now after a huge game last night: 28.2 IP, 42K : 11BB, 2.83 ERA, 1.05 WHIP Is he on track to make the majors in 2019?
  9. lmaooo, Kepler tripped over his own feet and did the old fall-throw. gonna wait on the replay.
  10. This guy quietly made his return to the Tampa rotation last night against the Yankees: 6.2 IP, 6 H, 3ER, 6K:1BB Pretty nice result. Unlike Faria who is still a dumpster fire in the minors, Chirinos might actually return some value once again.
  11. MLB.com is saying "Jalen Meets", who is not an actual player as far as i can tell But, great, another young arm for the Rays to bogart. I still think they won the Forsythe trade too, even with nothing to show for it yet.
  12. I see him as a boring innings eater the rest of the year. Which still has some value in deep leagues but at this point of the season we're looking for lightning in a bottle, I think. His underlying stats last year were nowhere near as nice as the final ERA, WHIP and W-L record. Couple a downtick in all those stats with the mediocre K-rate and it's pretty bland. And I've seen no blurbs addressing his velocity in his last few starts. No idea if it's gotten any better since those first discouraging reports.
  13. Happ vs Baltimore is looking like a Godsend for his trade value
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