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  1. My guess is they’ll play a week 18 & maybe 19. They’re not going to send these guys out twice in one week. I don’t know this for sure but I’d be shocked if the CBA permitted it.
  2. It was happily both their bye weeks.
  3. This is what I have done in my leagues. 1. Defined a week - week 1 runs from the first waiver run (early Thursday AM) to the first waiver run before week 2 (Same). In other words, postponements from Sunday to Monday - Wednesday still count. Postponements beyond that move to the week they take place. If they are moved to January, they are gone. 2. We play through week 16 even if the NFL creates a week 18, 19. 3. Defined replacement scores by position. If a game gets cancelled, a replacement score by position will be assigned. I chose 80% of the average score by position last year as th
  4. In case of a cancelled game, I put in default scores by position into the commissioner’s note. I used 2019 scores and calculated 80% of the average score by position. So if the average QB scored 20 points last year, the default substitution value is 16 (rather than 0). This worked out to about QB 18, RB 30, WR 30, TE 18 when looking at season long averages. Hope we never use it but it’s there and prevents a team with Kelce and Mahomes down 5 going into Monday from losing if e game is cancelled. It will also help equilibrate season long totals which are important tiebreakers. I really
  5. I really liked the Greinke pick at 61, especially in HTH. Some old guys just get it done. He's healthy and he'll have a great shot at 20 W on Houston if he stays that way. Hoping he has his annual public spring jitters that keeps his price down; I wouldn't let him get past the 4th round.
  6. In 1990, the 49ers had the highest payroll in the NFL at 26.8 million. This was about 20% more than the 2nd highest team (Jets, 22.45). The Giants were 6th (20.5). Pittsburgh was lowest at 13.1, so they paid about 50 cents on the dollar versus the 49ers. The median payroll looks like it was around 19 million.
  7. If the goal from the start was for him to take a little less money so that the Patriots could build a great team around him for a really, really long period of time in NFL terms, then I can't imagine he has any regrets. Cohesive offensive line play and having receivers that can adjust routes under pressure has extended his earning years significantly. 17 straight 10+ win seasons. He'll be able to do whatever he wants post career as well. Luck got a "pay me" contract too and experienced the downside of going that route.
  8. He's the 4th highest paid player in NFL history. If he plays next year he'll pass Peyton for 3rd; if he plays two more years he'll pass Eli for 2nd. They obviously got much bigger first contracts than he did being #1 overall picks versus a 6th rounder. I think he's done better financially than many of you think.
  9. We have to start two running backs. At least as I am prepping for next year, I can't imagine not starting RB/RB in most of my drafts. There are oodles of WR that I can make a top-12 case for in 2020 and I can pluck 3 or even 4 of my favorites from rounds 3-7. Here's a standard list of 38 that I could see having a top 12 season. Edelman is on it but there are plenty of other fish in the WR sea. AFC East: Edelman, Brown, Parker AFC North: JuJu, Landry, OBJ, Boyd, Green, Marquise AFC South: Hilton, Hopkins, Fuller, Chark, AJ Brown AFC West: Keenan, Sutton, Tyreek (17) NF
  10. I don't consider Antonio Brown a bust because in practice I don't think his situation cost too many teams in practice. He played 1 game which he did well in. He otherwise was known to be out and there have been oodles and oodles of viable wide receivers this year in the WR3 range and below. Moore, Landry, Robinson, Sutton, Gallup, John Brown, etc. Chances are you replaced Brown with someone who was productive especially factoring in matchups. JuJu and OBJ on the other hand - you "had" to start them for the first 8-9 games of the year and they probably finished you. OJ Howard is a close th
  11. I would nominate Chris Carson and Lamar Jackson. Jackson is going to perceived as a lock for 1000 rushing yards plus QB production and whether he is a first round pick will be the hottest offseason topic in the industry; I expect the public to buy in and his ADP to be in the 8-12 range. Fournette should be in the mix as well; think his ADP will be ahead of Julio's if 2019 doesn't have any big surprises for us. .
  12. Austin Ekeler. A strange choice perhaps because he is having a wonderful 2019 and is going to win a lot of leagues and may appear to have a better 2020 situation. I think he's going to drift into the middle of round 2 if Gordon leaves due to salivation over his high value touches. I'd bet on a down year for a few reasons. 1. No proof he can handle lead running back duties for 16 games; an underrated skill that we often don't appreciate. 2. Great pass catching running back seasons are rarely followed up in the non-McCaffrey NFL world. 3. Rivers is drifting towards done but I susp
  13. It's because they can't run the ball. They played 3 WR 1 TE 1 RB on every offensive snap with a ton of hurry-up. Last year they had Allen, Gronk, Andrews and Brown. The OL lost those two guys and also Wynn; Scarnecchia can make up for that somewhat but the biggest hole is at TE. Watson is the oldest non QB/P/K in the whole league, played every snap and was the only TE to see the field, and is more of a route running TE than a pure blocker (even though he stayed in to block a lot Sunday). They decided their best chance to win was to put the game in Brady's hands, let him make pre-snap reads an
  14. Time to throw a few out there: 1. Russell Wilson will outscore DeShaun Watson: Doesn’t feel too bold to me, but ADP suggests it is. Wilson dropped from QB1 to QB9ish and everyone is expecting regression downward due to a high TD rate, but I think he will regress upward with far more volume. Meanwhile, Watson was #5 and is 2nd or 3rd off the board. He was sacked 60+ times and had to travel on the ground by the end of the season. Hopkins didn’t drop a pass all year. They could start 1-5 with a horrific schedule and Vegas has them underdogs to break .500 after an 11 win season. I think the
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