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  1. Probably brought up tomorrow per this site. Honestly this guy can win sb cats for you and maybe a league if he hits near .280.
  2. Neither mcmahon or hampson have he pedigree/ hype anything that Rodgers has.
  3. Yes/ SS eligibility at Coors, player with a high floor batting at Coors Field with legit power. Yes please!!!!
  4. I’d like to personally thank you for the W and two ks out of big #99!!!!
  5. Standard 5x5 roto. Keep any seven players at their draft value for three years. 5 additional dollar per year after the third year. my walker beular(spelling) at 22 dollars his kirby Yates 10$ im at the top in wins/ whip/ era. Really not much thanks to Beular. And I’m mid pack In saves. my other starters are Luis Castillo/ Caleb Smith/ Matt Boyd/ Julio Urias/ Tyler Glasnow.
  6. How’s his fly ball to ground ball% looking. I haven’t looked but I guarantee he’s smashing balls straight into the dirt. All he gets is off speed junk to hit. It’ll continue to be a putrid season if he doesn’t have anyone that can hit around him.
  7. Matt Carpenter was straight up dropped in my league. I’m pretty sure I add Carpenter and drop marte. What’s y’all initial reaction. Typical roto league 9 owner league. Typical scoring WHIR
  8. I’m debating starting today. I feel like a little regression could kick in against a hot cubs team.
  9. It would a lot harder for teams to throw break in balls every single time (for fear of SB) if someone on his team could actually get on base. Perfect storm for fantasy disappointment here.
  10. I’d hang onto Bellinger, Why help a league mate out with a need if you’re already set?
  11. Never trade top five player in arenado for two aging guys who’s prime has passed. Kluber and Bumgarner likely to have similar years this year. Arenado >>>>>> rendon and it’s not even remotely close.
  12. Allen has been there done that before. This is like Cody Allen’s callinb card. He blows up early season, then “gets removed”/ ghost DL stint. Then comes back and dominated ROS. Honestly if you’ve got an open DL spot and he’s been dropped in your league. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to stop him up just to see what happens.
  13. It’s also funny that 9 times out of ten that someone in that committee becomes the primary closer.
  14. Judge is done until waaaaay after the all star break and degrom just had an mri or his elbow. Degrom is valuable when healthy but I really think he hits the DL for a very long time soon. To to be honest the guy dumping degrom and judge might be making the best move of the year.
  15. Not vetoable, both judge and degrom are hurt. Paddock could very well end the season ranked higher then degrom. Not collusion and not vetoable at all.
  16. I’ve debated this start for the past few days. I think it’s a serious gamble today. In a rotisserie league if you’re towards the top of the league now in ERA/whip or whatever I’d say it’s a sit. But if you’ve started the year towards the bottom of the pack or in the middle I’d roll the dice today. Fortunately for me I’m going to take my own advice and sit.
  17. Didn’t Mookie go like 30/20 last couple years. That’s a pretty high ceiling.
  18. Correction..... dinger... my bad. It was nice to see him K the next two tho. He was thrown into an awful situation. Meanwhile leclerc in trouble, just beaned trout. Ks the next two and escaped with the save.
  19. This thread is dedicated and used to speculate on closers. Minter hasn't looked very good since he came back from injury. I know you probably have him staffed on your fantasy squad and may be a little biased about him but the rest of us like to be on the front side of a closer change. That being said, I do not think they'll jerk him out just yet, but another couple blow ups like last night and they'll be forced to try something else. That something else may be kimbrel or maybe not. All i know is that Id like to be the first one in my league to pick up his replacement.
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