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  1. I'd be willing to give him as much time as he needs, but I doubt the Atlanta staff is willing to put up with a 30 ERA and 5 WHIP ROS.
  2. Who’s next in Atlanta, minter is struggling and viz is out for the year.
  3. I don’t think anyone is arguing against his mediocrity, it’s obviously there, I’m stating an opinion of what i believe to be an overreaction.
  4. Maybe I’m complaining about your complaining and am trying to remedy the situation for your sake. I quoted you saying he’s a shell of his former self and I think that’s a bit of a overreaction three weeks into it.
  5. It’s been three weeks. Obviously the guy has had a torrid start, but these over reactions are hallarious. My advice is to trade him for pennies on the dollar and move on or wait til warmer weather.
  6. It’s worth noting because in the future if something were to happen to Yates this might be the guy,
  7. I’m thinking kelly. Also I still think Leclerc will need to blow a couple more.
  8. Arenado aaaaaaaallllllll day long and for e it’s not even. Lose. Jose Ramirez is in an awful situation in Cleveland with no support
  9. He was off to a tough start last year as well, he has zero protection in that lineup and imo was overrated coming into drafts this year. I see a putrid year out of Joram and next year drafts a complete steal since he’ll fall down to 3-4 round.
  10. As a Glasnow owner (have been for years in my dynasty league) he’s got a ton of raw talent. But I cant even begin to mention his name in the likes of randy Johnson, Pedro. I want to see at least 1 more start before I could put him on the level of those guys(sarcam)
  11. Outside of a high k rate that seems to be getting better, what’s not to love? Highly touted prospect who hits tons of dingers. If you own him in your league sit on him, if you don’t, go buy him.
  12. I think he needs a nickname. People with nicknames don’t get traded. Cody “I’m too sexy for my shirt” Bellinger?
  13. Neris or Seranthony in the ninth? That is the question. also it’s worth noting that Roberson is facing the 7-8-9 hitters. So in my opinion there isn’t a ton of trust there yet with Roberson.
  14. Using yahoo format this year. What is the earliest in the morning I can add a player. I’m wanting to add hector Neris tomorrow and I need to know what time to set my alarm for, thanks in advance and leave a link or your situation and I’ll tryband answer
  15. Who’s the add in Oakland if something were to be physically wrong with treinen?
  16. Maybe, except moncada was more known then story.
  17. Im drinking the cool aid. Looks super confident at the plate, mix that with his athleticism and ceiling and we may be seeing a true breakout, I’m hoping he can keep the ks at bay.
  18. Reyes not looking good. At the same time we have cishek(spelling). In the 8th in Chicago walking the world. Craig Kimbrel will land a Job soon and it’ll be for a lot of money. Pretty smart play on his part to hold out honestly. A lot of big money clubs have struggling bullpens. Both men ended up with disastrous outings.
  19. You keep moncada, his ceiling is far higher then kettle and is going to put up some major numbers this year in Chicago. He will be a third rounder next year, highly doubt kettle gets even close to that.
  20. I know it’s wishful thinking but that ball clearly centered his index finger.
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