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  1. Two pretty evenly matched guys. Who you taking?
  2. So of steckrider, Kennedy, Gearrin who would have the greatest chance or running with it?
  3. Kiluchi yes for gray, pollock yes for Marte and 10000000 % add whit
  4. Traded Stanton(50$) and Cody Allen(10$) recieved Rhys Hoskins(34$), Yoan moncada (1$) and Luis severino.(16) 7 man keeper league.
  5. I all honesty what’s the mood in Minnesota? Can anyone with knowledge speak on the usage tonight? And is Rodgers a legitimate dark horse to run with this job?
  6. I know it’s hard to gauge, but over the length of their career who would you take?
  7. I know Cody Allen has it locked down for the angles, every year he seems to tiptoe on the fringes of demotion. Who’s the best bet / best arm in that pen behind Cody Allen?
  8. 5x5 Roto. My Stanton Cody Allen and yu darvish his rhys Hoskins, Luis severino and yoan moncada. can keep seven players each year. I could keep all three of Hoskins/ severino/ moncada. Right now I’m keeping Stanton. Thoughts? Yoan moncada could be kept for 2 dollars yearly, Rhys Hoskins 30, severino 20 stanton 50
  9. Standard 5x5 roto ...Full on Dynasty League keep all players forever. I've got machado at SS and DIDI Gregorious for now. Which one would you want.
  10. Seagar/ Marte. Archer is hot garbage. Marte will put up comparable stats as blackmon and Seagar >>>archer
  11. Yes I’d think he’d at least get a shot at it.
  12. I really like the Albies: Ohtani trade. I’d rather have Albies. You have a ton of Sp maybe try movin an arm for an outfielder. thats why I liked the Buxton trade so much as well I’d trade Reyes straight up for Buxton.
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