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  1. Who’s most likely to get the job in Arizona? I know this has been discussed. It sounds like Bradley will be the fireman, coming in and maybe throwing multiple innings during the heart of the other teams lineup. boxberger has the experience, and hirano has the stuff. Anyone with an inside scoop on this situation?
  2. 8 man roto dynasty traded carlis Martinez for josh Donaldson traded familia/ Cody Allen for yu darvish
  3. no no no no no no awful trade, kris bryant has to much upside for that bag of crap
  4. My mookie for his kershaw. this is a dynasty keep forever. if I traded mookie I’d be starting one of. ian happ/ David Dahl/ Clint Frazier/. Justin upton/ billy Hamilton.
  5. Would you rather have kris Bryant and josh Donaldson or Rhys Hoskins and manny machado keep players forever dynasty league 8 man need help immediately
  6. Was offered his time Darvish and pollock for my mookie betts thos is an 8 man dynasty keep players forever I do need an upgrade in pitching. Standard 5x5 roto
  7. MAYbe I should elaborate, there are several new options this year in our yearly draft, Otani, gore And some other players that i could draft.
  8. Im in a dynasty keep all league, I need to drop one of these two players, if not both. This is an 8 man league with typical 5x5 scoring. The players are clint frazier and Nick williams.
  9. I understand that... i'll take 5 ip 2 hitter. Also he's still in line for the win. Hopefully it holds up.
  10. I feel as if his beard is the source of all his power, Im really hoping he doesn't pull an Andrew McCutchen and chop it off. This Beards for you!
  11. I hope he continues to mash not really interested in SB. However, I can see what you mean , just dont get greedy
  12. I'm glad to see him doing what he should be doing against teams he should dominate. All signs pointing up at this point
  13. I go with super marte lite. Hitting at the bottom of colorodo lineup he wont have many runs. He doesnt hit for much power at all, and isnt a speedster. But can steal bases. He can hit avg. Having a plus hit tool and playing in coors I could see in his prime. 70runs 6homers 70rbi 12 sb batting .300
  14. Ive been a cubs fan since i can remember, So I'm saying this out of love, Contreras=overrated, got the hype simply because he was a cub. I actually think the whole cubs team is overrated. If you take a look at their lineup outside of Bryant(k prone) Rizzo(k prone) and Shwarber all they really have are mediocre rookies and sophomore players. Their pitching is starting to go the opposite direction as well. If this team today played cleveland in the WS it'd be a 4 game sweep.
  15. its funny how they can tell its a "grade 1 strain" without an MRI or any imaging,
  16. Doubtful: check out images of Thames from his first stent in MLB. Same size. Hes already peed in a cup..... didn't melt. sorry you missed out on him bud. Maybe next year?
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