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  1. I see the springer vs Stanton debate a lot what do you guys think? Both age 27 both very comparable players
  2. I haven't heard anything yet, wouldn't be suprised to see him sitting at 80mph and all over the place. TOS surgery can be brutal on guys.
  3. It's comparing apples and oranges guys. I mean seagar is obviously a bigger orange then jeter was apple. Jeter has small hands
  4. Dynasty league keep forever. Have mccutchen got Clint Frazier and a first round pick next year. Might be able to get otani with that pick.
  5. I think all projections of any player should be reasonable ceiling and reasonable floor. I'd say Dahl with full time gig at coors batting 7th/8th in that lineup is 75/ 22/85/20 .285 avg type player. I like him a lot. But I also think that's his reasonable ceiling. Without a full time spot batting 8th it could get ugly to the tune of 50/8/55/10 .265 that's floor. Wide range of possible outcome. If you can snag this guy late he's worth the gamble for sure, but I wouldn't be reaching for him.
  6. Anything recent on albies? Seems to be hovering around 10-15 in most rankings, still very very young. And should be pushing his way to the majors at some point this yearif he keeps hitting. Speed/hit tool seem to be his best tools to date. If he adds a little weight or muscle mass maybe we could be looking at a 100 run 10 homers 80 RBI 30sb 300 hitting second baseman.
  7. I'm loving this guy read that same thing earlier today and wished hey hadn't put it out
  8. buster posey finished 12 among catchers, goldy hits a slump like he's never seen before finishes 10 in 1b, will myers becomes the new goldy, miggy stays injured finishes outside the top 200, rookie betts returns to earth and doesn't hit but 5 homers and disappoints owners everywhere, springer finishes batting below 230, jose altuve also doesn't hit 10 homers and doesn't steal 30 becoming human again, mccutchen falls off the planet, chris davis bats 210, corey seamer has the worst sophomore slump of all time completely forgets how to hit, david dial gets sent back down to the minors, julio aria
  9. Thanks captain obvious my point was he has a very wide range of outcomes. Literally he could be what we all hoped and he tears it up to the tune of 110 40 110 20 .300/.290. Or he could be 100 20 80 5 /.240..... just depends if you are willing to gamble a little really. personally I like gambling
  10. Pollock vs springer is pretty close considering pollocks injury history. If both were healthy I'd give pollock the edge no doubts, but I wouldn't blame anyone taking springer over pollock. Also springer does have a very very very high ceiling and he is entering his 27 year season. Wouldn't surprise me if he ended up anywhere between number 1 and 150.
  11. Just stating facts,. Coors makes players better and that's why I like owning them. Just a observation. I think the Rockies are actually putting together a good team,offensively. If they could add some arms and a bullpen they'd be pretty hard to handle.
  12. Only nice because of coors, put it anywhere else it would be mediocre.
  13. I often don't worry about in ones limits on roto, I'll take 120 from urias and add a Robby ray or someone similar to fill the rest. Can't wait til they let urias off the leash
  14. Be great to pitch every 6 or 7th day and DH the others kind of keep innings down and AB up
  15. Wow. He's like the real life Japanese Natural. Everything I've heard is he's a good mix of Pedro Martinez/ randy Johnson/ mark McGuire and Sammy Sosa.
  16. . Sounds like he's coming to the NL Is he really that good a hitter? Yes, almost as good as his arm. Kid is legit. Wow. I've watched enough video of him as a pitcher to be 100% sold. Didn't know he was a stud at the plate too. He could literally break fantasy baseball. Unanimous #1 pick if he could put up a line like this: 90 runs 20 homers 80 rbi 10 sb .295ba 18 wins 200ks 295era 1.08 whip
  17. . Sounds like he's coming to the NL Is he really that good a hitter? Yes, almost as good as his arm. Kid is legit.
  18. It wouldn't make sense for Pittsburg to skip taillon
  19. Wonder how much these scouts are factoring in defense? Do you care about defense in fantasy BB? Absolutley, no matter how good someone is offensively, they'll never make it to the majors unless they are someone presentable on defense, also being better defensively makes it easier for a team to justify starting a player even with early struggles at the plate.
  20. http://www.baseballamerica.com/minors/texas-rangers-top-10-prospects-chat/
  21. I think the Maybin was a representation of his floor. Not his even odds projection.. That's right. In no way do I think he's maybin/ but I do think his floor is maybin. At one Time maybin had 25/30 homers and 30/25 sb wrote all over him and was also a poor mans mccutchen.
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