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  1. The reports I read say Mazara's bat is ahead of Brinson. Brinson gets the SBs and plays CF so I think he gets higher rankings in the MILB lists.That said, I suppose the ceiling is higher for Brinson due to the SBs but the floor is further down. Yeah. Mazara has higher homer ceiling by far. But has no speed. So Mazara could be a very rare these days 30 homer guy but flat-footed. He is slated for RF because he has a really great throwing arm. And Brinson cold be 15/20 or maybe 20/20 guy and slated to play CF with his speed. So it depends on your team needs who you should get. If you
  2. Had a guy in my draft pay 75 faab to move up and aquire him.
  3. Wouldn't tallion get the first call up. He's been worked more in the minors and was a top prospect. I'm sure injuries pushed him back but behind Glasnow?
  4. Guys on MLB network calling this guy roy and perineal cy young candidate. Not this year tho
  5. So when is this guy going to be in the MLB? Any chance this year?
  6. http://m.mlb.com/news/article/164174962/shohei-ohtani-is-next-baseball-star-from-japan
  7. That's huge for him. What kind of stat line possibility are we looking at with crawford in his prime? Top 5 ss?
  8. Looks great!!!!! Imo number 1 SP right now in the minors. Urias is close 2nd... This guy is a freak!
  9. Any chance for a call up if pirates make a run to the World Series?
  10. And another double digit strikeout performance!!!! This guy has been brutally dominate this year. Hopefully they move him up to AA to see some better hitting. Maybe late 2015 if he keeps this up.
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