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  1. We are looking for a dedicated and enthusiastic manager to join our 2 year dynasty league. We are a 6 x 6 roto league using OPS and WHIP and use a salary cap with contracts and also have minor league roster with a 4 round draft each year (which is completed). We are currently preparing for free agency to open. We run the league through a combination of proboards, yahoo and google sheets. The team that is open is the Rockies (although we could allow a name change to any open MLB team) and the roster is in good shape after finishing 4th in the standings in our inaugural season .
  2. If you head on over to the proboards site it explains how to claim a team in the new member sign up thread. https://thegrindbaseball.freeforums.net/
  3. We are looking for 4 dedicated managers to take over 4 teams who's managers we are replacing due to lack of early participation. The 16 other managers are already active and very committed. The leagues is free to join and run using ProBoards, Yahoo and google sheets. We started with 5 MLB and 5 MiLB players from chosen franchise and are just starting round 3 of our initial MLB and MiLB drafts (final round) so its still a great time to join and shape the team how you like. Each round of the draft is allocated a $ value which will be used for setting each players initial 1-4 year contr
  4. League is full. Feel free to leave contact info if you want to go on our waiting list.
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