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  1. As a Tigers fan, seeing how slim Miggy looks right now is pretty shocking. The weight loss is very noticeable. With that being said, I am expecting a good BA and not sure what else.
  2. Sleeper and the bust podcast mentioned that he is reworking his delivery/mechanics yet again. They didnt seem very encouraged
  3. Upside could be Gerrit Cole. Cole only reached 140 IP once in his first 4 seasons and I remember he was always considered an injury risk. Since then he's gone three straight years 200+ with no problems and truly elite K totals. While Glasnow has shown elite K ability, of course he may never get to Cole Cy Young levels due to his control issues and I am worried about the wrist surgery eventually turning into a TJ type of disaster. Huge upside, huge risk for 2020 and dynasty. Im really struggling with how to rank against Syndergaard/Greinke/Bauer because I believe the u
  4. You asked what was there to like, and that projection is actually what he finished with last season playing half of his games as a semi-reserve OF and without Lindor/Ramirez/Santana. The upside is that he improves on his numbers from last year. For as devalued as you say power is, only 10 guys in the entire league went 40/90 last year. Sure we are gambling a bit on upside at his ADP but I dont mind him versus the players you mentioned. Sano ADP 124 Actually more expensive than Reyes and yes I would say he is similar type of player. Where are his SBs? He's played 486 games with 2 c
  5. Streamer has him projected for a .260 BA and a league average BB% of 9. Combined with elite-elite raw power, AL for a full season opposed to Petco, proven 37 HR production, gets to bat behind Lindor/Mercado/Santana(.360+ OBP)/Ramirez (.360+OBP), changed approach has resulted in an improved end of 2019 and Spring Training, wont be limited to UTIL eligibility, still young at 24 maybe we havent seen his best season yet and he has colorful dreadlocks. I like that I dont like his Ks which does mean he is prone to streaks and the downside associated with that type of hit
  6. Franmil hit 37 homers as part of a major league baseball team last season. He was 23 years old and spent half the year in Petco Park. This hype isnt just about his 2020 spring training, guys.
  7. Has anyone mentioned he has only 3 K in 27 ABs this spring?
  8. No argument to the Ks and glitter butt. But I have a hard time ignoring the potential in the middle of the CLE lineup. Tido has said his bat will be in the lineup, and the lost weight/non-disaster in RF this preseason has ensured he is will keep his OF eligibility. More DH starts the better, but our concerns as managers should be that he reaches the bare minimum of starts to keep the RF and I think that's guaranteed. In this interview he mentions a specific instance of Carlos Santana pulling him aside in the locker room last year after the trade. Since that date Franmi
  9. Needs to be more noise on this kid. Switch hitter, good eye, good defender, and is on the verge of a starting job in early-2020.
  10. Some important context, and why I choose the span of games I did: The 5.5 IP you provided is impacted by a slow start of the season in March. We have to remember 2019 was dedicated to transitioning him to a starter. He did not make one start in the second half of 2018, and they started him off slow in 2019. The 5.5 IP number is also affected by his last 3 starts, in which he went 3 IP, 2 IP, and 2 IP. All of these starts were a result of his oblique injury.
  11. His IP from games 5/8 to 7/16 and then dealt with an oblique injury 6 IP 6 8 8 4 6 7 6 7 7.2 6 6.2
  12. According to Rays’ manager Kevin Cash, Blake Snell is about 10 days behind Glasnow in his rehab start, which would put his target return the third or fourth week of September. That would be in time to make a start or two before a possible Wild Card game. https://calltothepen.com/2019/08/27/tampa-bay-rays-blake-snell-tyler-glasnow-close/
  13. Won't return before mid-September August 25, 2019 Manager Kevin Cash reiterated Sunday that Snell (elbow) remains without a clear timeline to return from the 10-day injured list, Marc Topkin of the Tampa Bay Times reports. ANALYSIS Snell hasn't hit a setback in his recovery from left elbow surgery since beginning a throwing program Aug. 12, but he's still not far enough along in his rehab process for the Rays to identify a target date for his return. Since Snell remains limited to playing catch off flat ground at this stage, Topkin posits that the southpaw is likel
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