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  1. Could be interested... Are you getting this filled?
  2. Bump, it's official, I need one owner - I booted the unpaid owner. We're still pre-auction! $1100 from other owners is already paid in!
  3. I need 1 more owner... I have 11 paid but one owner missed my buy-in deadline so I'm looking for a replacement.
  4. Thanks, a spot opened up. Invite sent! I'll also be sending the leaguesafe invite, deadline to pay is tomorrow 3/15 so we know if we need more back-ups by draft date.
  5. Not yet, and actually because I've recruited from a few sources there's some mixed opinions on what source to use. I'm going to figure it out afterwards but at a minimum the fantrax page actually has a decent chat window on the main league screen.
  6. Invite sent, sorry! I tried replying before asking for email but was timed out and then went back to work!
  7. Discord will follow, sorry the one person who felt strongly about a discord actually isn't participating. So it may not be mandatory anymore. I'll let you know!
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