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  1. How did Singer fall to #18? Wasn't he ranked as the #2 overall prospect by MLB? Anyone it is cool that he did get drafted in the first round. I was one of his middle school teachers around 2009.
  2. As I was thinking about my first memory, I was also thinking about my greatest memory. Of course, winning a league is high up there, but there are two that stick out in my mind. 1. I received Ron Gant as a $1 throw-in in a trade before he turned into a 30/30 player. Needless to say, his broken leg is one of my worst memories. 2. Myself and another team were the only two left who needed a DH in AL only league. He went before me. I believe he picked someone up like Travis Hafner. I let him go for my pick--David Ortiz for $1 before he became Big Papi in Boston.
  3. Back in 1989, while a senior in high school, one of my friends introduced us to Rotissiere baseball with the Glen Waggoner book and we were hooked. We had our first draft in my family room. A lot of great memories playing fantasy baseball from seeing the first magazines on the shelf, including Baseball Weekly with John Hunt's projections, to pouring over the USA Today for stats to watching SportsCenter to see if any of my players made the highlights.
  4. I didn't play Stratomatic as a kid, but I do play in a league online currently. I did play Pursue the Pennant in college.
  5. Thanks sng. But this quote is making it harder for me to choose! "Santander is a good player. I'd probably rather own him, but Cordero has some tantalizing upside"
  6. Thanks Rush. Anyone else in agreement?
  7. Which OF has the most upside--Franchy Cordero or Anthony Santander? Or are neither of them worth owning? TIA
  8. You may be right but both Rotoworld and Roster Resource project him as the starter this year. We'll see how long he can hold it.
  9. I'll take a stab at him. I think he could bat around .270 but with minimum power and speed. Probably won't add much to fantasy teams. He is penciled to bat second in the SD lineup so perhaps he could help in runs scored some if you play 5x5. Anyone else?
  10. Admittedly I don't know much about him besides the fact that he is slated to be San Diego's starting second baseman. What kind of stats can be expect from him? Last year he started off hot but cooled off considerably during the second half. Do you think he will keep his job throughout the whole year or he is a stopgap for someone else who is coming up the SD system? TIA
  11. Good news hearing he might be starting his rehab assignment soon. Being back by Sept 1 would be great!
  12. Everyone who owns him should start him. I don't see any reason nor any ballpark nor any lineup where I would bench Wood.
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