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  1. Did you happen to stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night?
  2. Best thing you can do is send out a leaguewide email saying you are willing to move lindor and see what offers you get, and go from there
  3. He is a consensus top 15 guy not only in current rankings but keeper/dynasty rankings..he demands to get that value in return
  4. No, but Montero was pitching so my guess is graveman would have been in the 9th
  5. Have him and Seager..O’fer between them..lol
  6. Damn Seattle scoring late runs to screw my Graveman save!!
  7. I am current in 4th place early on, love my team overall especially when yelich and Springer get back (hopefully they do..lol) am last in steals and I just don’t see that changing much with my current roster..when yelich returns I just don’t see him running much at all
  8. It’s a roto league..gave my team and league details in my initial post
  9. He also has Muncy..what about Muncy and Robert
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