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  1. Hey McScarn, PM me your email and I will shoot you over the two teams available. You can also email me at mark@kstech.com.
  2. Hello fantasy baseballers! An established league (9 years running) is looking for one interested owner to take over for a retiring manager. The full league settings are at https://www.fantrax.com/fantasy/league/cewzegfuk18ubalp/rules The basic league settings are: Buyin is $135. Regular Season Payout:1st-$300, 2nd-$135 Playoffs Payout:1st -$800, 2nd-$440, 3rd-$135 League is on Fantrax and we use Fantrax Treasurer (no fee). Auction dr
  3. I'm interested as well. Email me, mark at kstech dot com with details and that spreadsheet. --Mark
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