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  1. He missed two practices with an illness and has now been added to the Covid 19 list. He’s doubtful to play this week so hopefully you have another option available.
  2. Start of the week ahaha! Not so much wow! I started him in a league though.
  3. Being a Seattle fan I’m actually pretty worried about him being injured this early into the season. Let’s all hope for the best.
  4. One point PPR: Start Amari Cooper @Chicago or Kenny Golladay @Minnesota? I'm honestly having some trouble with this one lol. I left Golladay on the bench and somehow survived to make the playoffs last week. Road game for Cooper so I'm definitely not as confident if it had been a home game. Will help in return please post links.
  5. Will he be starting Thursday now since the game has been postponed today? Has anyone seen any official news?
  6. Yordan left today's game with left knee discomfort.... Hopefully he is okay. He fouled a ball of his knee on Tuesday.
  7. For our league's scoring settings, he has scored more points that nearly anyone else in the entire league in the past 30 days. There is definitely something to see here. Obviously guys like Yelich and Trout have scored more but he has been absolutely impressive.
  8. Definitely do this trade. Take advantage of the great start for Odorizzi.
  9. Gotta love the production so far from Funk Master Fletch! lol
  10. 4.2 innings 10 runs being a Mariners fan ain't getting any easier for quite a long time.
  11. Bad just got even worse lol. Definitely time to cut him if you haven't already.
  12. Glad to see the good work as of late. I'm going to give him another shot. lol
  13. We shall see what happens tomorrow. People are speculating that it might be Tucker if Springer goes to the IL, because he is already on the 40 man roster and they also think once Alvarez is called up it will be more of a permanent stay. I hope it's Alvarez personally. We shall see what happens tomorrow.
  14. The Round Rock game is already over.
  15. Yeah it appears it was basically a salary dump and with the way Swarzak has looked, I'm on board with that decision. lol
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