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  1. 12 teams - IDP - Head Coach - 2 divisions, one called "Heroes" and the other one is called "Villains" $25 entry fee - .5 PPR - and some of players will have Superpowers Make sure to read the footnotes... https://www60.myfantasyleague.com/2020/home/47766#0 if interested, email me, richhavlik@gmail.com, and let me know. Thanks, Rich
  2. Here is what is noted in the footnotes for how we will work the first year. Before the Season Starts in our first year (once everyone has signed up and paid): The Long and Short of it: Short Breakdown…. 5 rounds of 20 players each and owners will be able to use conditional bids. Long breakdown…… 5 Rounds: Each round will process every Sunday morning (No 5 days). After the 5 rounds are done. Blind Bidding waivers will continue to run every Sunday until the NFL’s Super Bowl. You should, if you want, have a full roster by the start of the regular season. You have until September 1st to move any rookies down the Taxi Squad. No moving rookies to the Taxi Squad after Sept 1st. We will take a break between the NFL Super Bowl and the NFL Rookie Draft. During the course of our regular season, waivers will also process on Thursday mornings. 20 Players: Players will be chosen via ADP according to MFL Using ADP (instead of nominating players) will be quicker and easier than waiting for all 14 teams to respond to message boards and/or emails. Round 1 will be players ADP ranked 1-20, Round 2 will be players ranked ADP 21-40, etc…. Conditional Bids: With each Blind Bid you submit, the maximum number of Conditional Groups Allowed is 2. Examples below. Blind Bids must be in increments of $1. No odd change or penny bids. Minimum Blind Bid amount is $1. There are no $0 bids. If you run out of Blind Bidding Bucks, you are stuck (unless you trade players for Blind Bidding Bucks). So budget wisely. Blind Bid Ties are broken by the owner who submitted the bid earlier. After the first game of our first season, the tie breaker will be according to record (worst to best). Blind Bidding balances will be carried over to the next season. Examples… 1) Mahomes $25. if gone, Wilson $22 if gone, Jackson, $20 2) McCaffery $30 If gone, Barkley $27 if gone, Kamara $26 3) Michael Thomas $35 if gone, J. Jones $30 4) D. Cook, $40 If gone, Gronk $1 5) 49ers Def, $2 Side Notes: If you end up bidding on a player who is not on the list allowed, that player will be waived and you will NOT get a refund
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