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  1. https://bestball10s.shgn.com/lobby I can't send a direct link, but if you filter by 'Teams', it's the 4th contest down
  2. wild to look back at these a year later -- not sure why I was so gaga for Maikol Escotto and Kameron Misner lol. Welp, onto 2021 breakouts. Tejay Antone is still a prospect in the <50 innings pitched sense. So him. Duh. Luis Matos is still undervalued relative to his ceiling. Hedbert is all the rage, but I'll take Matos' upside all day. Triston Casas is probably top-20 in a lot of minds, but I still think there's a buying opportunity before it's truly too late. The power is absolutely insane - but it's the complimentary hit tool and approach that makes him a somewhat rare
  3. I'd rank them 1a. Erick Pena 1b. Luis Matos 3. Josh Jung 4. Garrett Mitchell 5. Hunter Bishop 6. Wilman Diaz 7. Tyler Soderstrom 8. Heston Kjerstad 9. Christian Hernandez 10. Maximo Acosta 11. Francisco Alvarez 12. Mick Abel 13. Austin Hendrick 14. Garrett Crochet 15. Robert Hassell 16. Jordan Walker __________________ 1a. Erick Pena A bit of a mystique/unknown around him - but recent video shows glimpses of a truly special bat. 1b. Luis Matos I'm not wholly convinced he won't ultimately usurp or rival Luciano as the Giants next big superstar, not unli
  4. dynasty: one of my absolute favorite building blocks redraft: ADP seems a liiiitle steep considering his lack of big league production. then again, people said the same thing about Fernando Tatis Jr. last year.
  5. gosh gonorrhea, your enthusiasm is contagious. I'm all in, baby.
  6. debating between Rams, Cardinals, or WTF (sitting on wire) opponent is projected to win by 10+ so I'm looking for upside I currently have Cardinals slotted in - is that nuts to roll with them? edit: WFT not WTF** honest mistake
  7. had a vision that Waters gets packaged to Colorado in an Arenado deal. suddenly the Tooled Up™ power/speed kid with BABIP concerns gets a massive Coors bump. TRUST THE VISION. BUY NOW.
  8. initially I was scared of this matchup, but after looking at New England's results vs wide receivers, it doesn't seem too bad. https://subscribers.footballguys.com/teams/teampage-nwe-5.php I'm less concerned about Fuller getting "shut down" than I am New England grinding the game to a hault. I love Watson's DFS value this week, though I fear it'll be midway through the 2nd quarter and it will be 7-3 and Houston will barely have had the ball. I'm starting Fuller over DJ Moore this week, despite Moore's far superior matchup. Maybe that's a no-brainer? 5 catches, 72 yards, TD.
  9. I have Hill rostered in 54 of my 54 Fanduel lineups, and with Josh Allen on bye, he is my 2nd Superflex QB in a showdown with the other 1st place team in my one and only fantasy league. So if Winston starts and/or Hill craps the bed... well... let's just say it'll be an extra drab Monday. I have a traumatic memory of a player getting 1st team reps all week, then not starting -- maybe some time last year?? does that ring a bell? I can't put my finger on who it was. Percentile Outcomes 29% Winston gets most of the passing down work, but Payton gets creative and sprinkles in Hill more t
  10. Thanks for clicking this thread. My opponent had Tannahill and J.Taylor poop the bed (I had AJB), so I'm leaning toward floor plays. Here are the open spots: WR RB FLEX .5 PPR I have to fill those spots with some combination of: Will Fuller (possible gusts up to 50mph! he is TD dependent already, seem like an extremely risky play) DJ Moore (squeaky wheel game? gut says start, brain says bench) Chris Godwin (most talented of this lot - lots of competition for touches) Gio Bernard (tough matchup - Steelers allow fewest receptions to RB'
  11. I play in a shallow league, but I regret not avoiding WR in the draft. It seems like there constantly are serviceable-to-good receivers churning on waivers - whereas outside of a week1/preseason add of James Robinson and the ascension of Deandre Swift, very few good RB's have surfaced from the depths. In my league, if you didn't draft a single WR, you still could have ended up with some combination of Fulgham, Kirk, Robby, Shepard, Higgins, Claypool, Jefferson, J.Brown, Jeudy, Aiyuk, among others. Whereas the effective waiver RB's, outside of two aforementioned ones, have been: Mike Davis
  12. eight 10+ target games in 2019. 7th overall WR in consistency rankings. Passes the eye test. he's a good talent. athletic, strong, seems to have good hands. I really think it's a matter of chemistry with the new quarterback. He's been lining up outside, no? He seems to have the profile of someone who could maneuver inside, not unlike a Boldin/HinesWard type of playmaker, but with explosive big-play potential too. In the words of TV Hercules, "Disssaaappoooinntteedd!!!"
  13. Is Stafford not somewhat methodical (and without his big play receiver)... and doesn't Minny like to grind it out with Cook and hope Cousins is efficient? I'm not convinced there will be a lot of scoring here. That said, I like Hockenson a lot this week, Cook seems almost too obvious a DFS play that I'm fading a bit. Marvin is good value for theoreitcal targets but I'm keeping expectations tempered. Jefferson feels classic stud-or-dud. He is one of the hardest players to predict.
  14. there's part of me that's still on board like you are, I'm just a bit disappointed. I thought Rodgers might finally have a legit TE talent to lean on regularly - something I've dreamed on ever since the tantalizing days of what-Jermichael-Finley-could-have-been. It's also clear, from the names you mentioned, that your league is much deeper than mine. In my home league, the top available TE are Engram, Ebron, Graham, Hooper, and Thomas. I'm carrying both Tonyan and Hunter Henry, which has left me feeling used and let down.
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