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  1. I had him there too, but if McCullers is skipped then Tuesday is the scary possibility.
  2. Get hammered Cole, Bieber, Snell, Stroman!
  3. As I said yesterday, it is devine intervention, but you got that wrong. It's the Mets offense that is warned to score some runs. Or else ... The 10 plagues of Egypt could look like a warm up compared to what's coming upon them.
  4. He did. He doesn't have to stand up. He has to tag.
  5. So it is PPD. I guess this is called devine intervention. Next stop Denver. Better place to score runs, and DeGrom is hopefully the same everywhere.
  6. So how many runs DeGrom needs to bat in to get a Win? Over/Under
  7. Thank you for your keen advice, I will certainly take it into consideration, although Im not sure how can I achive that. I play on Yahoo, and Im not able to find the send down button. I would appreciate any suggestions.
  8. This bullpen has all the makings of a 3 headed nightmare.
  9. I wonder where are those 'well informed' inside sources are hiding now.
  10. I saw him too. It was this guy
  11. He has made ballpark changes.
  12. Ok. Now he does. And now what? Can I breathe now?
  13. Finally his long consecutive games started streak comes to an end. He won't take away the crown from Cal Ripken jr, now, but let's be understanding. It's been a long season and a long 3 game streak. He needs rest.
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