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  1. Ahmed and Breida were back and we did the old ground and pound. Bowden lined up all over but I don't recall him in the backfield. Mostly in the slot if I'm correct. He had a carry from either a reverse or from coming in motion. He has crazy agility and make dudes miss. If any combo of Parker, Grant, or Gesicki play, I see his targets going down but it's clear he's getting more involved in this offense as he learns more plays. Chan Gailey likes him. Also, It looks like Miami is trying to establish a run first identity with a healthy set of backs finally.

  2. Biggest Gesicki supporter here. I just don't know how limited he will be so it's really hard to start him. NE is literally the worst matchup for TEs as well. Throw in the fact that Bill eats rookie QBs for breakfast and you have what we like to call a sh*##y matchup. I'm a huge fins fan too. I'm almost 90% sure I'm going to start Cook over him with MT out and a much better matchup. 

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