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  1. Edwards is the clear goal line back and the back they use when they actually want to run it. Dobbins comes in when Jackson needs someone to "mesh" with and fake it to 10 out of 11 times. Frustrating to watch and it just isn't happening for our boy. Barring injuries, Dobbins is #2 essentially behind Edwards and we're not even discussing when Ingram comes back. I really want to be wrong and maybe it was the game script but it doesn't look like they want to feature Dobbins at all.
  2. Miami rebuilt right. Trenches first, then skill positions next year. Offensive probowlers are coming next year. Probably from that Houston pick!
  3. Dolphins fan here. Our D has been bend don't broke creating a lot of turnovers and sacks. RBs have actually done pretty well against us this year.
  4. https://www.thephinsider.com/2020/11/5/21551047/miami-dolphins-tua-tagovailoa-audition-brian-flores-trevor-lawrence-justin-fields-trey-lance
  5. Low man doesn't always win it appears.
  6. Can we really hope for high volume out of Reed just coming off the IR? Seems a little reachy. Other players, maybe. Reed seems kind of injury prone.
  7. I'm buying. He's very undervalued to me. Been the butt of many jokes with my Williams support this year.
  8. Just not enough targets to feel good about him.
  9. Just need 104 points out of Evans. Thinking 100 catches and 9 tds (half ppr).
  10. Glazer just said Deejay is the only rb to play out of Carson, Hyde, and Homer. Fire him up!
  11. ESPN says he's "fine" and expected to start. Cold game and Cam can't throw. Would seem like a run heavy game. Problem is NE has been trying to go run heavy every week but they can't seem to pull it off. D gives up points and Cam has to try and rally. I want to start Harris but a pattern has emerged.
  12. I stated in this thread weeks ago that we won't know Balt's hand, or true plan with their rookie until it's forced and they need their best to win. Well, they need their best players playing this week to win, regardless of their previous plan to keep everyone fresh. Dobbins gets knighted tomorrow if Ingram sits. It is written.
  13. O-line sucks every game, this one won't be different. Hope for screens, dump offs, and some goal line work.
  14. No one made you do anything. Talk to the man in the mirror!!! Sorry, low hanging fruit.
  15. Did anyone see if Homer was getting snaps over DeeJay prior to getting hurt? Who was the guy once Hyde and Carson went out?
  16. I had him head and shoulders above Herbert and JH is killing it right now. I think Chan will have a solid gameplan for Tua. Flores plays the guys who give Miami the best chance to win so you have to ask yourself, what can Tua do to exploit the Rams D that Fitz couldn't? If we figure that out, we will know which pass catchers Tua will elevate this week. As a Newton owner, I've aggressively acquired Tua and I'm starting him from here on out. Full disclosure: extreme Dolphin's fan.
  17. LP yesterday and today (ankle I believe)
  18. If Ingram is out, Dobbins has to be given a good load. Maybe 12-16 touches. If Marky Mark sits, Dobbins fits (into my flex).
  19. I think Cam really starts running this week. It's kind of do or die for him and that's his bread and butter. Cam looked so bad I had to go out and acquire Burrow. He gets the nod for me until I see Cam throw for at least 250 yards a couple times before I can trust the guy again. He looked great throwing against Seattle, week D or not, the motion looked good. Can this ship get righted? Bill might just go old school and pound the sh$+ out of the rock. Start Harris this week...
  20. Grint can share the load this week, even though Grint is a phenomenal player. Grint's stint as the red zone guy is hopefully coming to a close. Grint's good though, don't get me wrong.
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