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  1. ELITE contact balance. Just a damn good back.
  2. A lot of juicy matchups coming. I know he burned us last week but that rookie qb is airing it out deep and that's exactly what big Mike does best. He's a hold for me.
  3. Hasty is not even close to JAG status. Dig a little deeper on him, my man.
  4. Just tell us what week these 20 touches start!!
  5. Benched in the 3rd quarter. What does this mean for next week?
  6. Think he was used as a decoy today. Not fully healthy still is my guess.
  7. I'm starting over Damien Harris in a ppr. Hoping Wilson is the #3 and Jet and Hasty are at least 50/50. I think Hasty will get plenty of passing work against that tough NE defense. Here goes nothing. Didn't know this guy existed 2 weeks ago now I'm 3 FAB dollars broker and he's cracked my lineup! Anyway, thanks (I think?) Roto forums.
  8. Snow game, KC is 29th in total rushing yards allowed. KC has given up 142 more total rushing yards then CAR on the year. Just food for thought.
  9. He gets traded to NE or GB the whole paradigm would shift. Dude is still a talent.
  10. Debating Hasty vs Harris and Vegas just muddied the waters. Would love an inside leak of how Shanny plans to disperse the load.
  11. Chase Claypool is the Aaron Judge of Fantasy football. Think about it.
  12. I've been holding McFarland Jr. all year because he is a very similar comp to Hasty. I guess if Connor was out, I would feel somewhat ok about starting him. Just have the sneaky suspicion Jerrick gets the load.
  13. He's in the Damien Harris, J.K tier. Hope they get enough to cover 6-10 points but banking on anything more is a tough bet. Talent is there though.
  14. God I hope you're right. "League winner" keeps getting thrown around these threads but Dobbins is the definition.
  15. Anyone have any background on him? IS he a slot-type guy, burner, plodder, etc? I know nothing about him but don't wan't to start Gerald Everette as much as I once did.
  16. Keenum looked exactly the same as Baker last week when he came in. It was frustrating to watch.
  17. Great deep ball reciever with a young, strong armed QB willing to go deep. I'm in. Doesn't need 10 targets to make an impact.
  18. His old man made a career out of making dude after dude a 1,000 yard rusher.
  19. I haven't been watching the 9ers much but can someone definitively comment that McKinnon looks bad lately and Nasty Hasty looks better? The first 4 weeks were pretty good for Mckinnon.
  20. So Mostert is out. Wilson might not play but has a chance? And we think Hasty wil get the nod over McKinnon? Just trying to recap everything.
  21. If Ingram sits and Dobbins doesn't get 60% of the touches, we will have our answer I believe. In the reality I chose to live in, Dobbins starts to get the bulk moving forward no matter what. I'm a teacher and when I get some days off to go over what my students are doing, it becomes clear how to help them succeed. Teach, Harbaugh. Teach!
  22. My theory is Baltimore is just trying to keep everybody fresh for a playoff push. I also think they would love to "hide" Dobbins as much as possible. If they were losing or really had their backs against a wall, I think they would show their hand and feed the rookie. Sucks for fantasy though. I'm holding him hoping the touches come, plus there's not a better RB that's just an injury away, imo. At least he's getting hurry up and 3rd down work for now. I think Dobbins is elite in so many areas, pass pro, vision, contact balance, recieving, etc. Nothing will make me happier than J.K getting 15+ t
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