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  1. Throw some chlorine in your Claypools and let's get red eyed. (means let's start him)
  2. Sneaky TE add: Gerald Everett. He out targeted Higbee last week, who surprisingly only ran like 15 or so routes. Everett has caught 8 of 9 targets for 141 yards on the season with 90 of those yards coming off of a 4/4 game last week. He's always been a great athlete. Worth a flyer.
  3. Jonnu has played one less game if I'm not mistaken.
  4. Sitting their young incumbent while getting quality play at QB was a luxury the Bengals and Chargers never had.
  5. Pretty sure I got laughed at for saying I want DK more than Amari ROS a couple weeks ago. Didn't predict Dak's injury by any means, just know the disappearing act that can be Cooper.
  6. The fact he's getting garbage points is actually a big deal in my opinion. Bernard was too involved early in the year.
  7. Watching Miami games, he's getting open. He's still lining up in the slot and should be the #2 option in the passing game. He just needs the targets. The talent is there. As mentioned earlier, Tua starting could spark the offense but I believe a focused Fitz can feed Mike right as well. I'm a believer still.
  8. The breath of a sh#* eating defensive guru is not for everyone. I see NE dominating on D this week. Miami fan here too so not homering.
  9. Newer or inexperienced QB's are no match for the almighty Bill. He eats pieces of sh#* like that for breakfast.
  10. On Sleeper you can definitely pick up a Thursday night player and drop them before the weekend if they never cracked your lineup. Did it with Vaughn last night. Haven't tried it on ESPN yet.
  11. Miami announced today that Futz (I'm leaving the autocorrect) will start week 5. Tells me there was discussion about it and it's possibly a call to Fitz that he needs to play better. Miami fan here so yes I'm too close to it to be unbiased.
  12. Not what we're looking for here, Mr. Jones
  13. This is a Staff/Marvin game if I've ever seen one.
  14. Sounds like NO is banged up in the secondary. Wondering what you guys are thinking for Jones. He's averaging around 980 yards and 10 tds per 16 games played with Detroit. Pretty good numbers. Do we rank him higher than Jefferson this week?
  15. How's the matchup with Houston looking? I keep hearing from experts that Minnys D is very bad and will have to throw to keep up. It seems like Kubes and Zimmer aren't wired that way and want it to be the Dalvin Cook show. What are you guys (and girls) thinking?
  16. Watch Gio get 15 carries and 13 targets and this offense start clicking! This thread will collectively lose it's mind.
  17. There goes my 9 ppr points out the window!
  18. I just bought him on Tuesday for Juju. I'm desperate and it paid off for at least one week! My thinking is that turf toe might hamper Lindsay all year and Lock will be back eventually. Mostly I'm just desperate
  19. Any chance they are resting him so he can do work on Sunday?
  20. This guy could literally put up top 5 numbers with a simple tweak of the offensive gameplan. Put in some screens and start using him as a dump off/safety blanket on all 3 downs. Poof!
  21. This seems like the biggest risk for playing someone in this game. I hope the NFL makes a definitive statement on this as soon as possible.
  22. Sounds like the game will take place Monday or Tuesday. What if they switch it up and do early bye weeks but don't make this decision until Monday? As info comes in, please share!!!
  23. Guys at Fantasy Footballers said they moved JJ from slot to the outside last week. It seemed to work.
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