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  1. 18:21 For Anthony. I'm high on him. Started the year dealing with a concussion I believe but I think we will keep seeing more of this guy. If Connor gets hurt, I think it will be his job and not Snells. Just my opinion (and Brett Kollman's!)
  2. 7:18 For Jefferson. I respect Brett's opinions. He tends to be correct. The whole video is good as well. I'm all in on JJ's freaky fast feet.
  3. Was wondering if Adams would have been covering him. How is Seattle playing TE's this year? Granted MG isn't a regular right end and more giant slot wr. I believe Miami will need to throw regardless. I'm cautiously optimistic.
  4. As an elementary teacher, names like this frustrate me.
  5. Is this the guy all Villar owners have been waiting to cut him for?
  6. He must mean that Davis and Bruce combined hit a homer every 1-2 games. That's all I could come up with there.
  7. He's sitting today against a rightie. Any insight here? He's had a few games off due to lefties recently so I'm not sure why he is sitting today.
  8. I've been defending Yelich all year in this thread. This dude can hit and get on base with the best of them. OPS ing over 1.000 the last 30 days
  9. If you plugged him in for the last 30 days, your squad received this line: 15/10/18/0 .303/.312/.674 Three 0-fers during that 22 game stretch coupled with 10 dongs. OBP not that great but still managing a .986 OPS despite.
  10. Define "elite pitcher". (Sits back with a beer ready to read the next 5 pages worth of semantic based arguments) P.S. Don't actually define "elite pitcher" please.
  11. Tough lefty coming up tomorrow and it would be nine straight if he played...
  12. Those 13 steals coupled with his triple slash line make for the complete fantasy reach-around. Throw in the fact he was a FA...
  13. Second deck, three-run bomb. The fire gets a little hotter.
  14. Mookie going two straight years with at least 15/15 before the break. Last year 18/15. Was a bum in 2015 only going 10/13.
  15. His calf flared up on him again at the end of the Yankees game. DTD. We are in a very toxic relationship with Braun Dog this year.
  16. I don't compare players to start an argument or suggest any one player is better. I just wanted to share, in order, who the top two players were over the last 30 days in a league that also counts OBP and SLG. J-Ram: 30/9/19/3 .400/.439/.817 Judge: 30/11/24/1 .337/.477/.723 J-Ram OPS: 1.256 Judge OPS: 1.200
  17. Do we think that Judge is the first person to hit a baseball as consistently hard as he does? Has exit velocities like this happened in the past and we just didn't have the technology? I've been watching baseball for about 15 years and I'm 32 so I've missed a sh#t ton of baseball.
  18. I've been a big Kipnis supporter but I've recently dropped in a 12 teamer. I love his spot in the lineup (let's give it to Jose though) but that is it. I know it seems exaggerated but he flies out, in play, or foul most at bats I watch and I watch way too much baseball. He also has hit the ball right at a lot of people. I was waiting for his crazy hot streak but nothing so far. I'm monitoring for now but the eye test says it's not been his year. I hope he goes on a tear at some point.
  19. I think some people think I was trying to prove a point with my Keon stat comparison. I really was not. I guess it wasn't super relevant they just had similar stats at the time. Mookie is clearly a warlord.
  20. Don't hate moose, blame your managing. Mike is having a great year.
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