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  1. Sorry @street sharks, that's a no on both.
  2. Just for fun, and not to prove any points, here's some stats. Player A: 45/13/32/14. .249/.320/.490 Player B: 48/12/41/12. .272/.347/.475
  3. This has been a real tough situation for me. The guy has to be hiding an injury. In a perfect world, he clears his head and starts doing something in the second half. I just wish we knew the root of the struggles here so we could act accordingly. Ramos is available and the Schwarber owner just cut bait but I just can't seem to pull the trigger. I'm giving him a little time after the break to prove he's Jonathan Lucroy again but my hospitality will run out soon. (This method would work every year I rostered the music man at catcher).
  4. Conforto is the 75th ranked player in a standard format and 30th in my league that counts OBP and SLG as well. I think this guy just needs some time to get healthy and he'll start hitting again. Someone noted his great OBP despite his struggles. Are people dropping because of roster space or due to the belief he's not really as good as he's been? I can't give up on a guy like this with 86 games left on the Met's schedule.
  5. Not a bust. AVG and OBP not killing you and on pace for decent counting stats. Not superstar stuff but still a lot of time to end up with a great line. Temper expectations. You're quick to throw that "bust" word out @borindia. Yelich is a great young hitter, hang with him. Last 30 days, 17-1-13-4. .299/.405/.412.
  6. Every time he goes yard, I hear that Tiffany song fire up, "I think we're alone now, doesn't seem to be anyone around". Makes no sense, I agree. Hopefully now that happens to you guys.
  7. The 9 means, "9 appearances at OF left for eligibility"
  8. He's just one appearance at second away from being 2b eligible on yahoo. When I first heard this was going on, I'll admit I was jealous and felt like complaining. Then I realized it's a MLB ruling so case closed. I paid up a pretty penny to trade for Rizzo a couple weeks ago. (E.E +). Point is, you are wasting your time trying to change a MLB rule. Spend those efforts on the horn looking to aquire the next power hitting second baseman instead, it would be more fruitful. One more fellas!!
  9. Must be because of his sparkling career OPS of .643 ...
  10. Last year he hit righties to the tune of a .210 average and a .694 OPS. He appears to be much better against lefties. It's early in his career but the jury is still out on this I think. I'm still thinking it's just a breather though but worth monitoring.
  11. I like the comp of Shawn Green. Maybe not the BA but not too far off. Shawn had that long swing as well.
  12. Is he still a bust for you @borindia? You seemed ready to take E.E out to pasture a month ago.
  13. Let's not bump this thread until he gets another "appearance" at second base. I keep getting my hopes up.
  14. Let's all rally around Braun and hope he comes back mashing...then trade him immediately.
  15. Don't look now boys but Stella is getting her groove back.
  16. As a former foster child, I would suggest that Fisher will not be worth fostering purely based on his age and income. Also, it appears his father is active in his life.
  17. Brantley has been hitting third all year. You wouldn't know based off his RBI total.
  18. @jb_power I have zero statistical evidence to suggest that LoMo keeps stroking dongs at his current clip. In fact, everything suggests otherwise. I'm just following my gut and my desperate need for the long ball. I could see a career year in the making. Just look at what Mark Reynolds has done with his career. #baseball gets funky sometimes.
  19. I finally took the dive on LoMo. I couldn't ignore those bombs anyone. Plus I play in an average + OBP + slugging league. Just hold this HR pace even hitting .244/.338/542. . End line projection of 38/89/99 with a triple slash line of 242/.354/.601. Where would this line put him in the end rankings? Top 70?
  20. With the season so long (roto), as long as a guy is hovering around top 100, I just ride that out regardless. Rankings move quickly every week. Not to get into a strategy argument but we can all agree that even before tonight. Mookie was hovering where he needed to be. I respect @absknicks for not being drunk on the Mook-Aid and pointing out things we want to gloss over or dismiss as the up and down nature of FBB, but I think our boy will still finish with a great line worthy of the first round pick he was. Also, my five month old girl must disagree with my assessments because she is repet
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