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  1. Ok @absknicks, you're right about Roark again...
  2. It's looking good so far. Plus he's going to be a middle infielder soon so lead off is fitting.
  3. First time here this year but I can't take anymore earned runs. My ERA has haunted me all year. All the pitchers on my teams are just rotating who is going to implode nightly. F$&# pitchers! Also, my last streamer was Alex Cobb and he gave me the ole nine run reach-around. Wish I played H2H to wash my sins away weekly.
  4. Throw him back at lead off and he'll heat up.
  5. Yankees announcer said New York is interested in getting Moose from the Royals. Would be a great boost to his value. Where would he bat in that line-up?
  6. Ya done good kid, real good. Waiting him out through the DL period has proved fruitful. Excited about this lefty cat ROS.
  7. He seems to be playing more regularly. He's hitting .301 with an OBP of .330 the last 30 days. Counting stats aren't great but are things normalizing here and we might have a chance to get hot?
  8. Hitting around .260 the last 30 days. I would love for this to be sustainable.
  9. I think Yelich is about to go off. Just based off how good of a hitter this guy is. Maybe the expectations are too high for some fantasy owners but this guy could easily end the year at .290 90/90 and 15/15 with a .370 OBP.
  10. All I can find is he is just getting a breather after catching five days in a row. Any official word or tweets about it?
  11. Hanley Polanco. If he starts swinging out of his helmet upon return, we might have a legitimate problem here. He's sitting out there in a redraft but I can't find a reason to be optimistic about him ROS. Shoulder, hamstring, ankle... I was BIG on this guy the last two years but I think I'm falling out of love. Any believers still?
  12. Please guys, don't suck me back in. I don't normally rage drop but I did it in two leagues last week with Danny boy. There is a good chance he salvages the season but he's ruined too many evenings for me this year. Take your fast car and keep on driving.
  13. Any owners here worried about Rizzo this year? Got offered him in a trade but I haven't been watching him. Counting stats look good just a low average. OBP looks fine and the last two weeks he's hitting over .300. Just doing some homework is all.
  14. Don't you say that. Don't you ever say that.
  15. @absknicks You have to give @taobball props when Roark is going well, not just hit up when he's struggling.
  16. He is adjudicating the sh#$ out of these baseballs. Pitchers are trying to approach the bench with fastballs and they are being placed in contempt, (vial contempt). During day court, Judge has handed down setences to the tune of a 1.425 OPS.
  17. This is a good point. He did hit .280+ against lefties in both 2015 and the shortened 2016 season though. So far this year, he is struggling against them.
  18. I see him as a .270 - .285 hitter. This is a big season for him to prove that 2015 was just the beginning. He has a good enough approach to post a "solid" average given the power. No one would be surprised if he hit .260 though but it better come with a .350+ OBP.
  19. The 100 RBI's are looking less likely unless the Royals really get it going but the 30 homer power with a solid average looks very doable. Moose was really breaking out as a power hitter in 2015 and 2016 before his injury. He's trending up in the power department for sure.
  20. Say Villar can't fully get it together like last year's line and ends on his current pace coupled with some mini streaks and ends with a .255 80/65 18/43. I'd buy that for a dollar (Robocop). Off topic, Robocop did a great job foreshadowing what Detroit would look like today.
  21. I remember some chatter over the last few years about finding Abreu's optimal dong-cranking weather. There might be some credence to this theory. Either way, Jose is looking like the Cuban Babe again.
  22. I hate the whole premise behind Head to Head fantasy baseball. I also hate that my computer froze and I drafted Blake Trienan in the 10th round this year because I was adding him to my que to draft about 17 rounds later.
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