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  1. Missed a two run bomb by a few feet foul before that last K. Hit it about 450 feet.
  2. Not to toot my own horn on Dickerson but, beep beep. (Disclaimer: I'm wrong 65% of the time so I really needed this one.)
  3. I think we should all sit on Wood for a while and pray it's not a bumpy ride.
  4. I watched that game against the Yankees and I took a couple things away. First, his change-up looked great but he just kept going to it and guys were sitting on it. He'd throw a show me fastball up but we all knew that nasty change was coming. He threw some good ones, but when pros are waiting for something, and they get it, they have a great chance of making contact. Also, I was wondering how/why his change-up is so effective. It might have been discussed already but on his release, he is falling very hard to the first base bag. To a hitter, and even to a television viewer, it looks lik
  5. I've played Swanson, Motter, Cabrera, and Reyes. WW is a mess at SS in my league. Dee would have a great shot at holding down short for me if he could gain eligibility. 9th sucks but even a .250 average with 50 steals would suffice at this point. I still expect a good season out of Dee, call me crazy, and SS eligibility would be a huge boost to his value.
  6. Second start at SS tonight. Does anyone close to this situation see him getting 3 more starts at SS for all of us Yahooers looking for SS help?
  7. Has Felipe Rivera been pitching the eighth? Sorry if this has been discussed.
  8. @Sun Tzu. I appreciate all of your updates. I associate your avatar with information.
  9. I just wanted to finally post my terminator picture next to @terminator10's picture.
  10. This guy has 30/100 upside. The Royal's offense needs to get going.
  11. This guy has a 10 homer month coming any day now. Hang in there people.
  12. I've traded for him now three years in a row and every year he goes off almost as soon as I get him. He will be active in my lineup by Sunday so just hang in there guys.
  13. I just scooped him back up from the wire. Hitting .344 over the last two weeks excluding tonight's performance.
  14. E.E will explode soon. The patient shall be rewarded. Parrot trots aplenty.
  15. I drafted him with the understanding he would be sitting against most lefties but hitting for average (.280+) and power against righties. He is a career .258 hitter against lefties in 318 AB's with a .693 OPS (room for improvement for sure). He was sitting against lefties at first, then batting fifth against them, and finally, he hit third last night. The sample size is still small against lefties this year but things look encouraging. Overall, his bat speed and aggressiveness at the plate look great. He looks more confident and adjusted to the league change. Numbers aside, he is passing
  16. Sorry, I was looking at the wrong team. I'm a kindergarten teacher, my brain stopped working hours ago. Hitting third against a lefty is even better news.
  17. Dickerson is batting third tonight against a righty in Odorizzi. This is the first time he's hit third against a righty if I'm not mistaken. It's a great spot for him. Hope it's long term.
  18. Dickerson just had his best AB of the year ending in a HR off of Fiers. Totally destroyed the baseball.
  19. Homer off a lefty to the deepest part of Fenway. I think we have something here boys.
  20. There was a time where owning or drafting Braun came with some risks due to the PED suspension and the thumb injury. He seems to have reestablished himself as a much safer investment. I'm happy to see Braun take maintenance days throughout the season as it helps him produce at a high rate per game. Everyone, (I guess not weekly lineups) has a deep enough bench to cover those 30 games he takes off and you can tack on some replacement stats from him roster spot to his final counting stats. He's still a true five category producer.
  21. That LstHlmt/AB % is creeping up guys. With his bigger dreads, I was hoping we would see a more stable ratio.
  22. @JFS179 You spoke about his upside earlier. What is his upside? Is it similar to what Ramos did last year? Can he out produce guys like Martin and Weiters? I really haven't seen him play much, I've always just read about his potential .
  23. I say as soon as his nine game hitting streak ends they're shipping his a** out I bet.
  24. I'm comping him to an infield Carl Crawford.
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