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  1. Stud! Happy I stuck with my gut and started Justin “Rookie of the Year” Herbert tonight.
  2. Mostert’s projection just went down to 0 on EPSN and Wilsons went up. If Mostert really is out I’m starting Wilson in the flex over Kupp and Cooks for sure.
  3. Incredibly soft. So much for being a “competitor”.
  4. I'm dropping and hoping a team I face later picks him up.
  5. I need Lamar to score under 55 points and I'm good
  6. Gonna be really hard to not use a keeper pick on Robinson, especially if they get Fields (or Lawrence).
  7. Worst case scenario is CMC comes back but splits carries with Davis. That kills Davis' value and hurts CMC's as well. If he's not coming back full-bore I don't want him to play at all.
  8. I imagine the only people starting Conner tonight are desperate or haven’t been paying attention. Conners poor performance was practically written in stone.
  9. My heart goes out to anyone who started Gio today. Yikes
  10. If Johnson isn’t benched (or at least seeing reduced targets) soon he literally never will be
  11. Steelers offense is an absolute mess right now
  12. Full confidence in Herbert going up against a Raiders team that has given up 35, 43, 28 (Jets), and 44 points the last 4 weeks.
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