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  1. Kmet for sure he’s safer and the game will be competitive so more opportunities Smith - too many mouths to feed, could be a blow out Higbee - same as Smith plus splitting with Everett Thomas - a downgrade with Haskins starting
  2. Finally! Alex Smith has ruined this guy for me!
  3. Higgins, no Bradberry to shadow him this week help with mine
  4. Aiyuk will have more opportunities than Woods, that Rams game should be done by half time help with mine
  5. 12 team .5ppr Should I start Engram vs CLE - CLE gives up one of the most points to TE’s or Cook vs KC - Brees is back and KC also gives up most points to TE’s
  6. Gage if Julio doesnt play but you wouldnt know until tomorrow at the earliest. Roll with Ty if Allen is truly out or reports say he will truly be limited
  7. Carr is safer, Rivers more of a risk help with mine
  8. Mike Davis against one of the worst rush defense help with mine
  9. 12 team .5ppr Need a WR replacement for Allen who might not play tonight G. Davis vs DEN Tyron Johnson vs LV And a RB with Conner banged up Snell vs CIN Wilson vs DAL Gus Bus vs JAX Hines vs HOU I can also FLEX another RB if you guys like 2 of the RB’s instead of the WR options, Thanks!!!
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