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  1. Im in. Done a mock on here the last three years just don't post too often.
  2. The great Chris Owings getting the start in left today against a righty.
  3. Grisham looks very good, Jp Crawford, Lewis, Moran, Carintini, Jacoby, just a few bats i will be targeting.
  4. Im happy with the 15 points or whatever he got. Especially after the 0-2 2int start lol
  5. Yes I know. But I like him and he is a great all around hitter, always healthy and in a great lineup. He is my number two player this year after Trout. I reached for him a bunch last year and it paid off.
  6. I picked just in case we don't replace, and start over. @MSkibisky otc
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