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  1. The draft will be on Fantrax. The league will be hosted on NFBC when they are up and running in November. They do take a rake We have 13 regular NFBC players and need 2 more. hit me up at @draftchampagne on twitter if you'd like a spot. We want to start ASAP 1 hour timer slow draft - 50 rounds - no trades no waivers, semi weekly lineups NFBC Draft Champions rules
  2. I’m one of the 11 teams. Ready to pay once confirmed ago
  3. There’s another league going in about an hour https://fantasy.espn.com/football/league/join?leagueId=74788419&inviteId=77fe07da-7c19-4b2b-acaf-8e531a4d833c
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