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  1. Monster game, 4th round value last 2 weeks. all the minutes he can handle. contributes everywhere and good percentages.
  2. very underrated as he doesn't hurt percentages too much and contributes everywhere
  3. only thing i think is that they may want him to return for some reps and chemistry before playoffs
  4. dude's like 8-10th round material next year and will only go because of name value.
  5. let me overreact so i can get smited with some production
  6. even with bad lines, he's putting up 1 3 and 1 block.
  7. foul trouble, looks like he either still on min restriction or something but can't break 20 mins
  8. he's out 7-10 more days. so back sooner than later.
  9. wonder if the half brother where simmons gifted a new audi
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