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  1. Not there either way.. 😅
  2. I can't find him on Fangraphs, do you?
  3. From BA Logan T. Allen, High-A Lake County — Allen, a 2020 second-rounder, excelled in his first start, striking out eight batters in five shutout innings while allowing a hit and a walk to pick up the win against Lansing.
  4. It used to be 6 or so.. Definitely more than 2, but I was surprised too with that details
  5. Baseball America does a decent job of daily lines. Last year (2019) were not free, now It appears they do. https://www.baseballamerica.com/stories/baseball-america-prospect-report-may-5-2021/?utm_source=BAPR&utm_medium=email
  6. Available: all 2020 draftees + international + some sleepers such as (Oswald Peraza, Reginald Preciado..) I can share the results fo the first two rounds: My team is in green. 1 - ORE 16 - Nashville Guitars: Spencer TORKELSON2 - ORE 17 - Hazard Generals: Asa LACY3 - ORE 18 - New York Highlanders: Austin MARTIN4 - ORE 19 - Los Angeles Bruins: Max MEYER5 - ORE 20 - San Francisco Clouds: Emerson HANCOCK6 - ORE 21 - Fresno Grizzlies: Zac VEEN7 - ORE 22 - New Orleans Black Magic: Nick GONZALES8 - ORE 23 - Cleveland Renegades: Garrett MITCHELL9 - ORE 24 - Boston Buccaneers: Robert
  7. Today will be my draft. We can pick anyone whose rookie status hasn't expired (wow that's an hard sentence to write in correct English). Since last year was a good reading I will share. I have pick 12 and most likely will pick a pitcher. I like Bryce Jarvis, what do you guys think?
  8. Akil Baddoo, rule 5 draftee, is making sound in spring training. I think he might be a good sleeper candidate.
  9. https://fantasyrundown.com/2021-baseball-prospect-rankings/ Most of the free lists are linked in the site above
  10. Italian_guy


    Good to know, since I took the latter. This year there were not a lot of pitchers to take
  11. Italian_guy


    We draft late. But since baseball is on pause I share. What do you guys think? My team is Chicago PRIMO GIRO SABATO 14/31 – ORE 16 - New York Highlanders: ADLEY RUTSCHMAN2 – ORE 17 - Los Angeles Bruins (via trade da Nashville): ANDREW VAUGHN3 – ORE 18 - Ohio Hurricanes: CJ ABRAMS4 – ORE 19 - Boston Buccaneers: BOBBY WITT JR5 – ORE 20 - Winnemucca Navajos: JJ BLEDAY6 – ORE 21 - VBC Tankers: RILEY GREENE7 – ORE 22 - Fresno Grizzlies: JASSON DOMINGUEZ8 – ORE 23 - San Francisco Clouds: NICK LODOLO9 – ORE 24 - Hazard Generals: ALEK MANOAH DOMENICA 15/310 – ORE 9 - Cascadia Heathes: E
  12. Didn't want to open a new topic. Since Sickels stopped writing for free I've been unable to find a source of top 20 per team for free that I like. I found fantrax good enough this year but he is far away to finish, while I don't like this year new writings of razzball. Prospect 361 does those list too but I found them useless. Do you guys know more websites that do these kind of lists? Thanks!
  13. It depends on who are available. And what's your pick number.
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