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  1. True but the reds have shown they can get hot and go on a scoring run
  2. Seems like odd timing to be anything but positive...had himself quite the game last night especially for his standard.
  3. Traded Yordan straight up for JD Mart tonight...obp league...who’s gonna have the better year?
  4. Today is the day. Big stat line comin in hot...if he plays
  5. Part of me wonders if Gardner personifies all of his worst nightmares and them bringing him back last second kind of shocked his mojo. Tinfoil I kno but I feel like he had just shed the curse only to find out he’s haunted for life.
  6. Klubot’s malfunctioning. Completely uninspiring stuff.
  7. Wont be playing in kauffman tho...
  8. It’s not that we have to drop him. It’s clearly that he doesn’t want to be on our rosters.
  9. Bet he pinch hits then plays in game 2...I’m starting him with fingers crossed.
  10. Stras-Esque coming out party.........11 Ks
  11. yesterday's performance was a good test. he got blown up in the first then settled down and rolled for the 2nd and 3rd.
  12. Dodgers always have so much talent and move people around and give days off. Let Lux go, no decision is gonna be easy obv.
  13. I think I can fix the pitching. I do love how everyone believes in Snell like i do tho lol ...deep FA pool, more trades i guess
  14. Was offered Bellinger for 3 of my players. League is 11 man... 5x5 roto OBP. What do you all think? Should I just pull the trigger and try and re-solidify my pitching? Or are you guys high on Olson like I am? Thank you mah dudes. Roster below. His: Bellinger My: Olson, Snell, Rogers C-Realmuto 1B-Olson 2B-Biggio 3B-J Ram SS-Story CI-Donaldson MI-Anderson OF-Stanton OF-Dahl OF-Lord Gurriel of Toronto OF-Tucker UT- Nimmo UT- Canha Bench-Hilliard Bench- Hays P-Flaherty P-Snel
  15. So Urena to the rotation and Jarlin is no longer a Marlin...Kintzler signed...who’s the closer in Miami gonna be folks? Kintzler, Stanek? Someone cool I haven’t even thought of before?
  16. Fairly certain Strop is signing w Cincinnati today. Kintzler FTW.
  17. Would you give up Belli for Yordan and Nola? Any league type
  18. Ruining many a roto season for people. Just now cut him. A few starts too late.
  19. I’ve been watching his abs almost every game he plays. It’s a topic the tv guys cover often...he’s been routinely robbed of line drive hits and warning track power for a couple weeks now...I’m a believer.
  20. Wow had to dig to find any posts for this guy. Everyone off this train? Any hope for a surprising 2nd half from him?
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