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  1. Assuming Flaherty will be up for C Marts spot
  2. Or go the other way and get even cheaper steals. Cruz one of these days is going to fall apart and already has a DL stint this year. If Hoskins was even just a little bit hot right now you’d prolly shut it down. That said it’s not bad but leaning No.
  3. Has Albies impressed everyone enough to be considered equal value to Bellinger in any league type?
  4. Best case ending to a bases loaded no out situation, 1 ER ...and there was an error. This’ll be good for him.
  5. With his slow spring and Grandals great spring I just cut bait to pick up Jack Flaherty...anyone else souring on his potential output for this year?
  6. Due to league settings, limited season adds and a tightening Ks race...I have no choice. For those that choose to start him just know I will be there with you on the front lines.
  7. OBP league. Need pitching and these 2 seem like it's all good news for them to return this week. Accept the deal or not enough? Thx!
  8. I kno I kno...but they're replacements are that much worse.
  9. Uh the yanks are neutered. Castro, Holliday, Hicks, all out.
  10. That works. Just a prospective buyer looking for something from a roto geek. Thx!
  11. So how do u explain the silence on this thread? Are u guys that own him just shoulder shrugging or depressed or just more focused on hitter debates? I'm looking at trading for him but does anyone think he can regain last years form?
  12. U guys are ridiculous. He had what, 11ks last time out and a perfect game into the 6th?! Then Only tonight's bad first inning...which is Not a unique occurrence in baseball. Oh and he was the best pitcher in baseball for half a season last year...go ahead and bench him, but drop? Yea right drama queens
  13. Good news on his return...should be back within 2 weeks. Anyone think he can pick up where he left off?
  14. Guys it's been 3 days since his last nuclear blast. Anyone cutting?
  15. This guy has ruined my shot at a title this season...not exaggerating.
  16. Added him and benched Tulo today...if that gives even one of u poor souls hope it will have been worth it.
  17. It is frustrating but if u need a hope refresher, go peep that 2nd half last year. Deserved the CY.
  18. Eh. I just assume he's in a different type of league than I am. I only play in one fantasy league annually, roto 5x5 obp for 13 years now...so I can't relate to how droppable or benchable players are w different settings.
  19. Not getting anything cheap. He actually does Not look like garbage. He is definitely in a funk tho. Reminds me of the usual pre 2017 first half Votto...overthinking every pitch
  20. Guys a smokeshow right now. May be worth an add
  21. To me the reason he is maddening...thru 3 today he was sporting a 0.00 whip...and a 0.00 ERA thru 4. Then it all comes crashing down. and it's not really the hitters getting their 3rd look either...it's on Darvish and his control. He did hit 2 batters early on including the opening batter aka his nemesis if u look at his career.
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