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  1. Why are u saying congrats? He hasn't put a string of anything positive together yet. maybe a 5th round pick tease is better than a 3rd or 4th I guess.
  2. I've started him every game this year except his last 2 monster games. The Idiot (myself) has cost me 5 bombs and 15 ribs. It's uncanny
  3. Has billy officially shed the 1 category contributor label?
  4. Will he ever enter god mode again or is he a mere mortal this year?
  5. ...u can chase wins. Still a correlation...the worse their guy does the worse your guy can do and still pull a W...what difference? A small one.
  6. No man alone does. But if we combine our stones as a community of owners we should be able to muster the strength. I'm in. Who's with me?
  7. You have to tho. We have benches for a reason. This is an anomaly. I'd have felt no less disappointed if he had a solid day for once. Just glad to know I have a potential stud with a monkey off his back moving forward.
  8. He will. Was hitting alright there last week
  9. This has become one giant Cool Story Bro thread but idgaf...Benched his a** to get his head straight. I should be promoted from the dugout to the front office. He is indeed alive.
  10. My "fears" of less steals hitting out of the 2 spot are becoming reality...but it could just be due to him entering xbh god mode. But seriously any worries he doesn't steal 40-50 bags? I did draft lite on sbs outside of him and really need em
  11. Leading off again finally. Is this dude gonna be a solution in the lineup or at leadoff at any point?
  12. Monday @ LAA....anyone confident in that start?
  13. Yes to any question anyone has on his worth. Add now. Will he maintain his value? Who knows but right now he's just a machine.
  14. I just see him getting his ribs just fine with the nats lineup anyway but I'll celebrate now.
  15. Alright u guys, ill be positive but u seem to be banking on double steal scenarios happening a lot.
  16. I almost want to leave him in my daily...guys gonna PH/PR for sure if the games close
  17. Not gonna lie I love people just using their instincts and using the eye test to predict future performance. So I don't mind the BS on some pods. I should probably go more mathematical with all the time I put in but I like bragging after making gut calls. Little easier since im in only One league...12 years running with high school friends. Competitive but just as much social as it is hardcore.
  18. Check ITL In This League...hilarious duo..,independent guys...prob not as analytical as you want OP but fun show
  19. Votto is an idiot. He's so good he gets 100% of the blame (as he should) for his cold streaks.
  20. Id argue they'll like him at cleanup enough to make it permanent soon. Sure hope so.
  21. Yeah y'all have me feelin down. I have a lot of underperforming bros on my squad. May as well quit playing if Nelson is going from a Steal in the 3rd round to poop in just a week.
  22. Ok is this guy worth holding for 5-6 weeks? Sheesh.
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