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  1. To me the reason he is maddening...thru 3 today he was sporting a 0.00 whip...and a 0.00 ERA thru 4. Then it all comes crashing down. and it's not really the hitters getting their 3rd look either...it's on Darvish and his control. He did hit 2 batters early on including the opening batter aka his nemesis if u look at his career.

  2. 1 minute ago, My Dinner With Andre said:

    A sobering reminder: You just gotta "buy the line"


    When you start benching your hitters on one-off basis, because of the "matchup" or because your guyis in a slump, you're playing roulette.

    You have to tho. We have benches for a reason. This is an anomaly. I'd have felt no less disappointed if he had a solid day for once. Just glad to know I have a potential stud with a monkey off his back moving forward.


  3. Not gonna lie I love people just using their instincts and using the eye test to predict future performance. So I don't mind the BS on some pods. I should probably go more mathematical with all the time I put in but I like bragging after making gut calls. Little easier since im in only One league...12 years running with high school friends. Competitive but just as much social as it is hardcore.

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