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  1. Idiot who won our league last year is in First after day 1. Dodged all the bad and got all the good today. Gag me with a pine cone.
  2. This may be cool story bro but w/e...I drafted Kiermaier in a slow draft...but was one pick out of order...other guy was disinterested in who he took that round and decided to swipe him...enemy\rivalry initiated.
  3. Good call. I'm benching Renfroe tmw...Kersh crushing the joy of opening day
  4. Guys. Relief pitching isn't going anywhere. There would be 15 extra DH spots open for every player Old guys especially. Hell we also don't know what changes to roster sizes could be negotiated as well to not hurt pitching. It's a no lose scenario going DH across the board imo.
  5. I forgot about lawrie. Great comp. u just planted the first seed of doubt I've had all year.
  6. "Must have" with him I think equates to a 1st rounder...take someone safe in round 2. Or double down on risk again cuz its fantasy and YoLo!
  7. MLB.com's T.R. Sullivan writes that Delino DeShields could be the Rangers' everyday left fielder and leadoff man. DeShields has batted .302/.448/.321 with 12 steals this spring, which might have been enough to push Jurickson Profar back into a utility role and Carlos Gomez down in the order. "I tell guys, make me put you in the lineup," manager Jeff Banister said. "Let your game put you in the lineup. Delino has made us do that. How it plays on Opening Day or the day after that … just continue to play the game." DeShields entered 2016 as the Opening Day center fielder and leadoff ma
  8. Just dropped Kang for him...fingers crossed he gets another Shot. Playing like we thought he could last year...yes I know it's spring. #sagnof
  9. Guys. I can't do it. I can't post thought provoking truths or questions about a player we all need to understand if his first name is spelled incorrectly on the thread. Maybe for a day, a week, a month, but a whole season? I don't have the strength.
  10. He was a first class passenger on the hype train last year. Is there room for him this year to blossom? He's got a .388 obp this spring with 7 bags hitting leadoff about every time out.
  11. Be glad he was snubbed for the all star game. Cheap Money this year.
  12. Thoughts on today's performance Vs Angels starters... 4.0 IP 1h 1bb 0ER 5K
  13. Domo Mesoraco, Mr. Joe Votto Or Devin """""""""" I own both so it's bonus terrible for my leaguemates
  14. No. I did it. It's risky but not crazy imo.
  15. Went undrafted in an early redraft league w season limit on adds...made him my first add 2 days ago...pure profit baby...I hope.
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