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  1. you mean like you? lmfao woulda been smart waiting for a few zion games first before crying like youre RW top writer lol
  2. no he really didnt. he finished the game he had the injury. @Simsanityy179 what is wrong with you lol
  3. if hes been out a month, you better dam well be fully healed.(he woulda had an MRI if it was that serious) min restriction my a**. better play full 48
  4. dude sucks no one wants to give him the money hes expecting lol.
  5. they let randle and morris have free reign lol. its absolutely retarded to watch. no one ever said anything about a cornerstone, but at this point they are just ignoring his potential which was raved about last year. does it look like hes developed at all? means knicks failed yet again. to put it in perspective hes got the wingspan AD has.... not exactly easy to find. i would develop him because you would be stupid not to. but then again its the knicks. what does gobert do thats so special, that mitch may not be able to. the only thing i see different is the effort and the basketball k
  6. thats what I thought, we should get him PG elig and i would love to pick him up.
  7. he doesnt look like himself out there. not trying for blocks.
  8. glad i grabbed him in one league sad i couldnt get him in both.
  9. lmfao seriously sounds like KP will be back tmr and KAt is still querstionable. omg
  10. yea probably, but really it would depend on your build. Mitch def has his value. and likewise if i was offered that I would probably decilne. only reason i would accept is to move brogdon
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