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  1. Feels good to be a year ahead of everyone else when drafting QBs. Gotta love the great season from Allen, but kind of bitter sweet since I (and probably most of us) most likely won't have him on our team again anytime soon.
  2. So because of COVID looming over the season our league was a little iffy on whether to play or not, but we decided to do it at the last minute (couple weeks before). The result of that was me doing my planning and analysis over a much shorter time frame than I normally would. Less getting caught up in the hype, not getting locked in on certain players, less over analyzing and second guessing myself. This ended up being one of my best drafted teams ever. Maybe it’s a coincidence, but maybe not.
  3. Wentz has been getting shat on the last 4-6 weeks for his play..but Ryan has been pretty much just as bad.
  4. Wait..Minshew was healthy and they were still starting Glennon? I guess I thought Minshew's injury was more serious than it was..way to make the tank job obvious
  5. They did the same thing last week..and it didn't work either.
  6. 10 Team STD. QB Josh Allen RB Henry, Carson, Gibson, Dobbins WR Adams, Ridley, Dionte Johnson TE Andrews That’s basically the gist of it.
  7. Kinda crazy how given the 2019 Seahawks we all thought we were getting a 20 carry per game workhorse in a run heavy offense. Instead we have a guy putting up super efficient numbers on 11 carries per game and doing a decent amount of work in the receiving game. Dudes a beast.
  8. What TEs are actually available right now? Unless there is some clear cut must start TE sitting on waivers for some reason, any waiver wire TE is going to be a coin flip.
  9. Skipping out on needed FGs, going for an unnecessary 2pt conversion...Pederson doesn’t give a **** anymore
  10. Do they realize they are down by 1 TD and 1 FG? Is Pederson just mailing it in at this point?
  11. If 100 yards is disappointing and making you wish you benched that player instead then maybe that’s a sign that PPR is overrated.
  12. Only Dionte Johnson can stop Dionte Johnson
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