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  1. I think Pittsburgh makes a lot of sense fit wise for Carson or Fournette, but doubt it happens. Maybe AZ, maybe ATL, maybe Buff. Anywhere else, and I don't think he'll matter this year.
  2. As a dynasty owner, I'm both relieved and bummed at the same time. I'm relieved that he chose Pitt over Baltimore, but bummed he chose Pitt over KC. I guess he's still a hold and see since he's young and only signed a one year deal.
  3. Agreed, but this is going to be just like Raheem Mostert last year. Everybody's selling, but nobody's buying.
  4. Yeah, the difference is that Lamar is also inaccurate in real NFL games.....
  5. I know you aren't quoting me, because I never said: a. that that I don't like Lamar Jackson or b. That the probowl matters I just pointed out that a QB that is often criticized for his poor accuracy did poorly at a drill designed to show accuracy. That does matter, even if it's...aT tHe pRO bOwl...
  6. If I remember correctly, each team had to pick a non QB player to go through the same drill and either Davante Adams, Jarvis Landry, or both did better than he did. I really don't understand why people are so fiercely defending him. He's an average at best thrower in the NFL. That's not really up for debate.
  7. Maybe he's talking about carries vs touches for Kamara. Even when you do look at touches, he averages 100 less touches than the touch leader every year. I have no dog in this fight, but I can see where he's coming from when talking about efficiency.
  8. Yeah, there's going to be some of that in any league. We put rules into place to get rid of inactive owners and other annoyances, but people are always going to value players differently and make s---y trades. I remember in one of my dynasties, someone traded Allen Robinson after his breakout year for D Adams (hadn't done anything but drop passes at this point) and Keenan Allen (carried the injury prone label at this point). People were so pissed that he would let Allen Robinson go for so cheap that they were going to leave the league. Guess who's laughing now. Anyway, there's not much differe
  9. I play in a couple of dynasty leagues, a keeper league and a couple of redraft leagues. Dynasty is my favorite hands down. In the other leagues, there are maybe one or two trades that happen per year, and that's if people are feeling crazy. A normal season has none. In dynasty, if you aren't making trades, you're going to be a middle of the road, lose out in the first round of the playoffs, draft from the 6 or 7 spot every year type of team. If you're into the trading and team building aspect of it, dynasty is king. I suppose deep keeper leagues could be similar, but my keeper league is only k
  10. This. When they were both healthy and playing, Everett was the player to own. I'm not saying that Higbee didn't have a breakout and show chemistry with Goff, but it would be stupid to ignore what the first 2/3 of the season looked like.
  11. Oops, not sure why I keep thinking Hakeem Butler when to SF instead of AZ.
  12. Yeah, but I feel like SF is missing that big bodied outside receiver. Could be him just as easily as Hakeem Butler.
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