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  1. And the Lions running game is so consistent...its been awful all season long...and the Giants defense is such a cupcake...after all Dak and Zeek gashed 'em for 7 points last week...and Washington is so talented and experienced, that, yes, why not throw away your fantasy championship prospects on him?
  2. Yeah, I, too, like Ramsey very much. I'm unsure the rest of the Jags pass D is as strong as recent numbers suggest. As you say, OCs attack the weakest link and recently that has been the absence of a meaningful rushing defense which makes the pass D "strong" by default. The Jags are poorly coached which typically results in scheme discipline lapses and likely plays to Cooter attacking with the short passing game and a larger balance of rushing early than is the Lions norm and looking at occasionally stretching the defense (although I'm not a fan of M. Jones when he's covered by Ramsey). Still,
  3. Understood and I'm certainly a fan of Cooter's penchant for mixing it up. But I'm skeptical Cooter moves very far away from Stafford throws and I'm even more skeptical of the OLine's ability to yield a consistent running attack.
  4. With an offense that is entirely actuated through Stafford.
  5. Interesting to see Yahoo's Pianowski, customarily one of the more thoughtful fantasy analysts, characterize Riddick's declining targets and increased between the tackle usage as "...a square peg in a round hole..." I agree with Boltup that Riddick is showing markedly improved between the tackles skills. If healthy...big "if"...Riddick really marginalizes Washington.
  6. I'm having a very difficult time separating Fuller from Brock, who, IMO, has historically bad QB potential written all over him. We all entertain the notion that certain players at the height of their games can be QB proof like Josh Gordon in 2013. But the reality is that at some consistently bad QB ratings the receivers, irrespective of their talent levels, have to suffer. And I think we may be seeing that with Hopkins and Fuller as this season progresses and how truly awful Brock actually is becomes ever more apparent. Starting Fuller this week is an interesting test. Detroit's a
  7. Given Zenner's absence of skills and Riddick's inability to run between the tackles effectively that would surprise. The Lions offense is suffering from the absence of a credible running attack since Ameer went down. The only significant hope for restoring a running game threat is Washington. I doubt that's lost on Cooter.
  8. Hard to judge from this game as the script got out of hand quickly, but the rushing game doesn't appear to be as diminished absent Ameer as I thought it would be. As if we didn't already know it, Riddick lacks routine RB skills, so, if you want to run Washington is your best shot. He's moved up on my bench, but remains there even vs the Bears until we see whether there is any commitment to the run.
  9. Many believe that's his appropriate role: "Rare, medium or well done?"
  10. Precisely. If you go off of the mess he was in college last season he's not NFL practice squad material despite his athleticism. But how much has he improved? The coaching staff trust implies significantly so.
  11. And if he fumbles on his first carry it may be the Zach/Riddick show RoS.
  12. There's a difference between being a wide receiver and catching balls out of the backfield. He was accomplished at the former in college and barely competent at the latter. Unless you're expecting him to line up out wide temper your expectations. We're talking about a back who was beaten out by a freshman last season and who had great difficulty in such "accomplished " skills as accepting handoffs, pass blocking, reading interior blocking schemes, and ball security. We have no idea at this point which, if any, of these skills he has improved much less how much. Very much TBD
  13. Mmmmm....from a backfield to avoid because of its severe committee to a backfield everyone needs a piece of in one injury because...well, just because. I'm happy the abiding belief in Tony The Tiger persists. ..and, yes, of course, I have a share...which is (appropriately) buried very deep on my bench. Because now we have a lead back who has proven himself consistently incapable of effectively running between the tackles and a big back who is so raw that he's likely unaware of the need to either block that blitzer or, in the off chance that spheroid is ever stuck in his
  14. There's a post on the DST thread questioning the scoring of the multiple fumble play deep in Green Bay territory, but it wasn't scored on my site.
  15. I understand that you are under the impression Matt Jones & Co shredded the Steelers in game 1. You may want to take a brief gander at Washington's rushing stats...no, not good.
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