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  1. If I had to guess, Martin will end up in CF long term. This is purely speculation, of course. My thought is, Vlad, Biggio, Bichette, and eventually Groshans taking over that infield, and Martin moves out to CF to accommodate that, if he's not already there by the time Groshans is ready.
  2. Went 2-2 with a double and a HR in his first winter ball game.
  3. I hear that. They're 55 player rosters, so there is a lot of players on both sides. I guess I was looking for like, an additional Top-X Hitter/Pitcher, or something like that.
  4. So I own Soto in a dynasty OBP league. Someone is sending offers to try to acquire Soto. My question is, what would it take for you guys to move Soto? The base of the offer is Eloy Jimenez and Julio Rodriguez. What additionally might it take for you to move Soto if you owned him? Thanks for the help! WHIR
  5. OBP league. 12 teams Trading Away: Bauer, Dylan Carlson Receiving: Julio Rodriguez, Brendan McKay, Andrew McCutchen. I think I like the trade, but want some other opinions. I know Carlson has looked great recently, and I feel Bauer is due for some regression in 2021. What do you guys think?
  6. K's a little more than I'd like to see, but overall a HOLD candidate. Make more Soft Contact than last year currently, big shift in his OContact%. If this continues, I'd be comfortable dropping in 10 team leagues atleast. Give it a few more weeks.
  7. The Pirates have had some seriously bad luck with injuries this year.
  8. I would HOLD, if you have the availability. FIP is well below his current ERA, and he's not giving up a lot of hard hit contact.
  9. Some of his peripherals are interesting, to me, and feel free to explain further. His BABIP is at like a .155 or something, but he appears to be KILLING the ball with a career high hard hit %, and his K % is down.
  10. He's our everyday SS, barring an injury or horrendous defense.
  11. What are you seeing? His hard hit rate and LD% is up this year so far, but overall I'm not seeing a profile that says 'breakout'.
  12. I don't think Cole Tucker will be very fantasy relevant. Definitely more of a defensive prospect than anything. Got to watch a lot of him in AA Altoona. Was not impressed with his bat.
  13. Christian Walker, if available, of course. Jordan Lyles
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