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  1. This was so clutch, man. I saw your post about Soler being out and scooped Olivares in my dynasty, where he’s still MiLB eligible and now, because of the rules in that league, he can camp on my farm team all year before I have to decide what to do with him. I had to give you some kudos for that one, nicely done and thank you!
  2. Time to celebrate if you play in a Yahoo league, as all players maintain 2019 eligibility, which means OF for The Franimal! 🥳
  3. Looking hard at Team 1. Is it still available? be_more21@yahoo.com
  4. Emailed you about the Gladiator team! be_more21@yahoo.com
  5. Interested in team 1. Can you send an invite so I can have a look around? be_more21@yahoo.com
  6. Interested. Send me an email so I can take a look? be_more21@yahoo.com
  7. Thanks for the offer, man, but I’m looking for a free league. Thanks, though!
  8. I haven’t gotten any emails yet, my friend. Can you double check the email address you sent to? Thanks! be_more21@yahoo.com
  9. Hi folks! I’m looking for a free keeper league to join. I’d prefer to take over a good team, rather than draft a new one. I’m a very active manager with lots of experience. Please send me an email if you have something available! Thanks! be_more21@yahoo.com
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