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  1. This was so clutch, man. I saw your post about Soler being out and scooped Olivares in my dynasty, where he’s still MiLB eligible and now, because of the rules in that league, he can camp on my farm team all year before I have to decide what to do with him. I had to give you some kudos for that one, nicely done and thank you!
  2. Time to celebrate if you play in a Yahoo league, as all players maintain 2019 eligibility, which means OF for The Franimal! 🥳
  3. Looking hard at Team 1. Is it still available? be_more21@yahoo.com
  4. Emailed you about the Gladiator team! be_more21@yahoo.com
  5. Interested in team 1. Can you send an invite so I can have a look around? be_more21@yahoo.com
  6. Interested. Send me an email so I can take a look? be_more21@yahoo.com
  7. Thanks for the offer, man, but I’m looking for a free league. Thanks, though!
  8. I haven’t gotten any emails yet, my friend. Can you double check the email address you sent to? Thanks! be_more21@yahoo.com
  9. Hi folks! I’m looking for a free keeper league to join. I’d prefer to take over a good team, rather than draft a new one. I’m a very active manager with lots of experience. Please send me an email if you have something available! Thanks! be_more21@yahoo.com
  10. Hi Jim! I sent you an email about that last one, the USA Baseball league. Let me know if you didn’t get it. Thanks!
  11. I’m in a 16-team dynasty that uses QS instead of W. I have an offer on the table to trade my Zack Greinke for Mike Foltynewicz and Brent Rooker. My rotation as is: Cole/Greinke/Corbin/Mikolas/Heaney
  12. So I have a chance to acquire either Robbie Ray or Andrew Heaney in my 16-team H2H Dynasty which counts QS instead of W. Ray: I send a 1st & 2nd round pick I get Ray and a 3rd and 5th Heaney: I send a 4th round pick I get Heaney and a 9th rounder My staff is: Cole/Corbin/Greinke I would have to release Seranthony Dominguez in either case and be left with only Josh Hader as my RP. What should I do?? Who is the most valuable player?
  13. I value bats over arms all day. Keep Baez and trade him if you aren’t comfy keeping him. Also, Nola >> Buehler. Also, thanks for helping with mine!
  14. Thanks for the insight! I’m very high on Stanton’s power this year and think he has several high quality years left in his bat, but getting Bauer+Puig seems like a pretty even trade, given Puig’s potential bounceback in Cincy and Bauer’s 2018 showing. I do worry that Puig will be Puig again and Bauer will revert to the 4+ ERA guy he’s always been though.. Also, if I made this trade, I would send Seranthony Dominguez packing.
  15. Hi folks! I’m in a 16-team H2H dynasty and might have a deal where I send Stanton for Bauer and Puig. I’m very hesitant, as I value Stanton and his HRs quite highly, but adding Bauer to my rotation would be super. Thoughts? My keepers will be: 1B - EE / Muncy 2B - Villar 3B - Ramirez SS - Machado / Anderson OF - Cain / Rosario / Puig / Reyes SP - Cole / Corbin / Greinke / Bauer RP - Hader
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