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  1. What are you thinking??!?!? Start Cousins, Howard, Thielen for Rivers, Tate, Thompson
  2. How are they all out on waivers for a 10 team league? Grab Charles, Powell, Kamara. AP and T West could be stashable for future breakouts but very unlikely
  3. Nelson is too inconsistent and there are too many mouths to feed in arizona.
  4. It's basically Evans for Howard and Cooks. While Evans is the best player, you need Jordan howard for rb depth that you lost from dj injury.
  5. Yep, those two guys are non-factors, too inconsistent. Coleman all day
  6. Nah Crowell is going to improve as well as Pryor. Cohen for Crowell straight up would be fair in non-ppr http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/671400-whir-which-rbs-to-start/
  7. Fournette is a beast. Kelce is too but he's also inconsistent. Just grab someone like Clay off waivers and you're golden. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/671400-whir-which-rbs-to-start/
  8. I'm torn between four running backs to start with three spots. Two RBs and one FLEX. Montgomery Carson Cohen Ajayi I know Ajayi and Montgomery should be no-brainers but Cohen has Packers this week where I think they'll be behind and throw a lot more, and Carson is against the Colts with CJ Prosise out. PPR 0.5 league. Any help? WHIR
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